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OGI 2012 Fundraiser Villa Scalabrini

The OGI (Olimpiadi Gioventù Italiana) has recently held a fund raising family barbeque at Villa Scalabrini to raise money for the next games. We asked Mike Viglione a few questions about the event and the OGI.


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Italian football clubs and football camps in London

Football is still the most popular sport in Italy and the UK. The amazing thing about it is that you can play it wherever you want. In a park, on the beach, in a square, what you really need is a ball and a friend to start off with. Playing amatory football is an experience almost all of us had in our lives but being good at it is quite a different matter ! So why not start learning how to play since childhood? There are plenty of football schools all through the UK and some Italian football clubs as well! Playing football with an Italian coach in an Anglo-Italian environment could be also a nice way to socialize and feel part of the Anglo-Italian community, sharing the Italian language and Italian football style with Italian coaches.


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Il Volo's O sole Mio

Three young Italian guys are taking the music charts in Italy and the US by storm. Known as "I tenorini" (the little tenors) in Italy because of theor age they perform old Neopolitan songs rearranged with a modern touch


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Giuseppe Vignali Tournament 2011

Emigrante beat Wasteels "B" on penalties to win the 2011 Giuseppe Vignali Tournament. John Belli reviews the tournament for Backhill


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Italian job market for youngsters

We think it's tough here for our young people looking for work. Backhill investigates whether the grass is really greener "back home" and discovers why so many young Italians are moving to other countries


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BackhillOnline interviews Carlo Garganese

Inter for the Scudetto? Manchester Utd for the Premiership title? 100 players better than Ronaldo? Bedford born deputy editor and Italian football editor of Carlo Garganese talks about his roots and all things Calcio


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Emigrante Squad Tour to Emilia Romagna

The Ferragosto weekend saw an Emigrante squad travel from London to Parma, Pellegrino Parmense and Bardi. The Emigrante squad comprised players from London whose parents and grandparents emigrated from Italy to England, primarily from the provinces of Parma and Piacenza in Emilia Romagna. This tour represented a continuation of touring matches which began three years ago and has seen the Emigrante squad playing in England and Italy, against Pellegrino Parmense, Varsi and Vernasca.


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Over 21 and not yet married!

Ah you're the daughter of ..... Such a lovely girl and from a good family too. You must be courting!?


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Insurance premiums: enough to drive you crazy

A quick guide for young drivers (and their parents!)

For many young drivers, affording the cost of car insurance is more challenging than passing your driving test. 

Many younger drivers consider insuring in their parents’ names.  Equally, many parents who are often organising the insurance


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When the going gets tough... the tough get job-seeking!

The final year at university can be tough.


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