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Finchley win 2012 OGI

While London is preparing to kick off with the Olympics games, the Anglo- Italian community had their Olympics already. The 17th edition of the OGI, “Olimpiadi della gioventu Italiana” took place From the 2nFd to the 4th of June at Barnet Copthall stadium. In spite of the inclement weather, the traditional participating teams: Finchley, Southgate, AS Londra Sud, Stanmore & Hendon and St. Peters competed in the games in the usual friendly atmosphere of O.G.I. 500 youngsters aged between 9 and 21 took part in many track and field events as well as netball, football and swimming. The event was, as usual, a great opportunity to meet new friends and have a fantastic time.


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Teenagers are sedentary, obese and internet obseesed?

The annual survey “Abitudini e stili di vita degli adolescenti" (habits and life styles of adolescents) of the Italian Society of Paediatrics has released some new worrying data about Italian teenagers. According to the survey The new generation is increasingly sedentary, obese and internet obsessed. More than 60% of adolescents spend between 10 and 11 hours per day sitting, In the class room or on the sofa in front of the TV or browsing the internet. What has emerged from the survey is that 17.3 % of Italian teenagers watch television for more than 3 hours per day. Television, after years of decline, is in fact back in vogue together with the increasing use of the internet. Moreover, most of the young people (43,1%) are taken to school by their parents by car, so that they almost literary won’t move a step all day.


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Byop Secret 16 hr Field Party

Welcome Explorers and those born with a desire for adventure. We extend a hand and invite you to embrace our hospitality at B.Y.O.P on Saturday 9th June. It is with this humble pleasure of inviting you on behalf of the Villa Scalibrini Residential Home to embark upon a voyage of discovery, run through the fields and play with fireflies. We will dance in the field and Funktion One sound system until sunset to some of the best unsigned DJs alongside very special guests in the UK before relocating to a secret indoor venue in East London until Sunrise. Cast aside your mental barriers, explore the expansion of human consciousness with like-minded individuals and release your inner child. Expect a day full of surprises BYOP – Bring Your Own Picnic & booze!! Fun Games & much, much more!!! Be one of the first to experience one of the freshest new events of 2012! Profits will be donated to Charity..


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Think it's tough here? Italy's brain drain. It's who you know that matters.

Confimpresse Italia, a business association, estimates that 120,000 young Italians, of whom 70% were graduates, went abroad in 2008-09. Since then economic conditions have worsened and nearly one in three 15 to24 year olds are jobless. Many think the system of raccomandazione - where people get jobs through peronal contacts rather than merit - lies at theheart of the problem.


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Cortina Wintersports

A very popular and slightly posh destination for skiing holidays is Cortina d’ Ampezzo. The village has nearly 7,000 inhabitants and it is located at 1224m. Cortina is included in the Belluno province, 72 km from the town of Belluno. The Cortina D’Ampezzo’s valley is considered by skiers a paradise. It might be because of its Sunshine (8 days out of 10 with 8 hours of daylight), or because of its ski facilities 3 ski areas, 62 slopes (10 black runs, 23 red, 28 blue and 1 green) for a total of 115 kilometres or for its beautiful landscape and glamorous atmosphere.


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Mayrhofen Snowbombing or Canazei?

There are many events dedicated to the skiing/snowboarding. One of the most acclaimed ones is “Snowbombing” (attended mainly by young people from 18 to 24 years old), from the 9th to the 14th of April at Mayrhofen, Austria, regarded by many as “The Greatest Show on Snow”. The festival combines the beautiful alpine setting of the Austrian alps with live music and popular DJs. Now entering into its 13th year the event offers parties in forest clearings, back country Tyrolean hideaways and even a larger than life igloo at the altitude of 3,000 feet.


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Players wanted by London Italian Rugby Club

If you enjoy playing rugby, having a good time, winning and want to play a part in uniting a community the Italian Rugby Club want to hear from you. It doesn't matter whether you're at the beginning, the end or somewhere in between of your rugby career. All you need is to share a love of the game and it's social aspects. And you can find the club on Facebook and follow the club on Twitter.


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London Italians RFC beat Finchley

Match Report for Finchley 3rd XV vs London Italian Rugby 1st XV Final Score: 12-35 London Italian Rugby’s first game in over 2 years was greeted by fantastic summer time weather and a scratch team demonstrating a high calibre on individual talent and team playing ability.


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London Italian Rugby Football Club

Excited by the 2011 Rugby World Cup? Backhill talks to Eduardo Rastelli about the World Cup and, at an amateur level, the London Italian Rugby Football Club and it's forthcoming match against Finchley Rugby Club on Saturday 1st October 2012 k.o 3.00 at Summers Lane, N12 0PD


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A nation of beer drinkers

The Italian beer boom A taste revolution is taking place in Italy! In the last 30 years the beer sector increased its production and exportation. There’s also been a boom in the average individual consumption in Italy. In a country characterized by a solid wine producing tradition, nobody could ever imagine that this year the Italian beer production would achieve record results on their importation to Britain, historical homeland of this product, traditionally prone to consume national products and also very careful regarding the quality of the drink.


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