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Italian Embassy helps young Italian immigrants in England

The Italian Embassy in the UK opened the “Sportello primo approdo” to help Italian Immigrants to deal with the difficulties of relocating in the UK. “Primo approdo” will help in every aspect of life in another country, from how to avoid scams when looking for work and lodgings, and how to face up to bureaucracy. It will also give tips on how to best use the health and welfare system, and in general on how to extricate yourself in this new reality.


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Boomerang kids, parasite singles - Mammoni o bamboccioni

All over the world young people are facing difficulties to emancipate themselves from their family. In many cases they are forced to go back to live with their parents even in the age group 30-40. Society has already given them different names. In America they are called “boomerang kids”, in Japan “parasite singles” and in Italy “Mammoni o bamboccioni!”. According to last year’s Coldiretti/Censis report, one out of three young Italians still live at home with their families.


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Young Italians less open to the global work market?

The Italian new generations are frightened by the globalised world and are too tied to the family and social context where they have grown up. All this, in short, results in them being less open to the global work market than their European peers.


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Italy Youth Unemployment hits 41.9%

The Italian National Bureau of statistics (ISTAT) has recently announced that youth unemployment in Italy reached 41.9 percent in the first quarter of this year. It is the highest level recorded since 1977.


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A levels - the Italian equivalent - Esame di maturita

Thousands of Italian students are about to take their final high school graduation exam, “Esame di maturità”. This important examination is taken at the end of 5 years of high school, usually at the age of 18 or 19. Admitted to the State Examinations are only students who, at the final vote, have achieved a score of at least 6 out of 10 in all subjects, including conduct. The current exam based on the allocation of points and with a different structure from previously, began with the school year 2008/2009.


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BYOP 2013 oversubscribed and a great success

Sunday 5th of May welcomed the second edition of BYOP, the secret Party for those born with a desire for adventure organised by Steffie Timanti at Villa Scalabrini. BYOP was inspired by the Scampagnata, crossed with the festival culture. Steffie felt as if there was something missing in the modern day festival experience, that is the sense of intimacy and community that BYOP stands for. This year’s edition raised £700 which will be donated to the Villa Scalabrini where about 220 people, about 50 of whom with Italian origins had taken part in BYOP.


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Emigration from Italy by 20-40 age group up by 30%

Is Italy going to be a country for elderly people? According to AIRE, the registry of Italians living abroad, emigration from Italy among the age group 20-40 increased by 30%. The preferred destination is Germany, followed by Switzerland and Great Britain. Italians living abroad up to the 31st of December 2012 amounted to 4,341,156, an increase of 132,179 over the previous year. 62.4% of immigrants in 2012 chose Europe as their final destination, followed by South, North and Central America and Asia, Oceania and Africa. 10,520 Italians have chosen Germany, followed by Switzerland (8,906), Great Britain (7,520), France (7,024), Argentina (6,404), USA (5,210), Brazil (4,506), Spain (3,748), Belgium (2,317) and Australia (1,683). A total of 2,320,645 Italians expatriated from the country since July 1, 1990, almost 600 thousand of them belonged to the age group 20-40 years old.


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Payday Loans in Italy and the UK

Payday loans are not so popular in Italy. Even though unemployment and the financial crisis increased the average of the Italian families’ debt by +33% from 2009 (Cgia data), people don’t even know what they are and Italians still prefer to borrow money from the banks or they choose illegal options.


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What's new in Italian ski resorts?

Some of the most popular ski destinations of Italy are undertaking an enhancement of the ski infrastructures and facilities. The ski resorts of the province of Lecco and Bergamo will be modernised and improved thanks to the allocation of 40 million Euros by the Lombardia region, the provinces of Bergamo and Lecco, and the mountain communities of Valle Brembana (Bg) e di Valsassina, Valvarrone, Val d'Esino e Riviera (Lc); the councils of Carona, Foppolo, Mezzoldo, Piazzatorre, Roncobello, Valleve, Valtorta (Bg), Barzio, Cassina Valsassina, Cremeno, Moggio (Lc) and the companies Brembo Super Ski Spa and Imprese Turistiche Barziesi spa.


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Steffie Timanti's BYOP raises funds for Villa Scalabrini

Saturday 9th of June 2012 - 80 young people (19 to 35 years old) attended the Secret 16 hr Field Party promoted by Steffie & Co. Byop (Bring Your Own Picnic & booze), the charity event for Villa Scalibrini Residential Home, raised 200 pounds which will be donated to the residential home.


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