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16 year olds to get the vote in Italy?

Italy is the country with the oldest population in Europe. To counterbalance this, debate has opened to the hypothesis of granting the right to vote to the under-eighteens. Many other European countries have been considering this possibility as a way to reinforce the interest of young people in politics and force governments to take into more consideration young people's needs


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Technology Start Ups Boom in Italy

Technology start-ups have recorded an amazing boom in Italy in the last years in spite of the Italian economy contraction of the past three years. Italy, the fourth largest economy in Europe, was one of the worst hit during the financial crisis. The mistrust in large companies that rose during this period is probably one of the reasons people are creating start-ups. Italy is also enjoying an increase in venture capital money. Venture capital funding in the country saw a 12 percent rise compared to last year. The start-up, Shopfully, founded in 2010, has benefited from the recent interest in the Italian market. Shopfully made an app that delivers deals on products based on stores near where you are. The firm has over 13 million people using its app globally, and works with over 200 leading brands and retailers.


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Growing Up Italian in the UK Facebook Group

If you are Italian or have Italian origins you might find it interesting to share your experience with the Facebook group “Growing up Italian in the UK”. The group has more than 5000 members, multiple posts an hour and some people have taken up the challenge of introducing themselves with a short video. I talked with Franca Bongiorno Roberts, founder of the group, in order to know more about this interactive community which recently had a meeting point for “Growing up Italian in the Uk” at Villa Scalabrini, called “classics at the villa”


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Italian student seeks crowdfunding for PHD research on the Camorra

Crowdfunding might be needed to shed new light on organised crime in Italy. As it has been reported by the Agence France Presse (AFP), an Italian student appealed for the public to crowdfund his PhD research on the criminal organization known as the Camorra. Mario Trifuoggi, a 29-year-old from Naples, in 2013 won a PhD for his project, “Le quattro giornate di Napoli – Reloaded”, an enquiry on the lands contended between the Italian state and the Camorra


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Welcome to Italy - the new Italians

"Welcome to Italy", the new Italian web series on You-tube tells the story of the new Italians. In the last year immigration has been a top issue in Europe and especially in Italy. The series tries to answer the question of how it feels to be a foreigner coming from a poorer country to Italy. The series is made up of eight short episodes (10 minutes each) which lead the public to empathise with what it means to be immigrants in Italy.


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4 million Italians have used illegal substances in the past year

Four million Italians have used drugs during the last year. About 10% of the Italian population in the 15 to 64 age group have taken illegal substances, at least once in the last year. 87% have taken one substance, 13% two kinds or more. The most common are cannabis and cocaine. This is what emerged from the last report presented by the department of anti-drugs policies to the Parliament on drug addiction. The report underlined that the consumption of at least one illegal substance regarded about 20% of young adults aged 15-34, that is more than two and a half million people, and the multiple consumers were over 330 thousand people aged 15-34


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Want to become a school teacher in Italy?

Becoming a qualified teacher in Italy has always been a long and painful process. To work permanently in a school, hired by the Italian government, it is necessary to pass a public exam, held at irregular lapses of time when new vacancies arise. For this reason the public exam can be every three years or every 10. The last one was in 2012 and it offered a permanent position for thousands of teachers on the condition that they had to accept the job wherever it was. It ended up that many teachers from the south had to move to small towns in the north or to turn down the offer.


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It's time to go to the beach - Bandiera blu 2015 rankings

It’s time to go to the beach! Bandiera blu, as every year, has issued its annual report on the the cleanest shores in Italy. 147 Italian coasts have been awarded the “Bandiera blu 2015”, the international recognition granted by the foundation for environmental education (Fee). Liguria ranks at the top with 23 sea localities, followed by Tuscany with 18 and Marche with 17. Campania is at the 4th place with 14 blue flags followed by Puglia, with 11 coastal areas. The good news is that “green” beaches are on the increase this year. There are 7 more shores in the list and 11 new entries. Unfortunately four localities have lost the title. Liguria has three new localities awarded and Campania and Puglia have a new one each. Veneto and Lazio have also a new entry each, both having now 8 flags. Abruzzo lost two flags and has now 8, while Emilia Romagna continues to have 9.


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Italy's young adopting binge drinking

Binge drinking is increasing among young people as a way to socialise and if it was a taboo before, it is now considered as a respectable way of having fun.


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Italians relocating to London - but are they happy?

Italians are still massively relocating to London but they seem less enthusiastic than before. The newspaper “Il fatto quotidiano” has recently published an article collecting some young people’s disappointing experiences in the Uk Capital. Istat data showed that during 2014 the number of Italians expatriated to live permanently in London has increased by almost a thousand compared to 2013. The new immigration wave was confirmed to be very young: The majority of the 500.000 Italian people listed in the AIRE register and not, are in the 18-34 age group. 55% are men and 45% are women


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