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Demographic Trap to add pressure to young Italians?

Italy is getting close to what has been defined a “demographic trap”. The women born in the mid 80's, that is the would-be mothers, are less than the previous generation and very likely to have less children.


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Engineering professionals, software developers and analysts urgently needed in Italy

In a country with unemployment at 11.7% it may seem a paradox, but If finding a job in Italy is very difficult at the moment, there are some sectors where vacancies remain unfilled for shortage of qualified personnel. So, while one Italian out of two is ready to go abroad to work, Italian companies seek engineering professionals, software developers and analysts. According to the figures, last year 41.8 percent of all vacancies for developers and analysts of software, were unfilled, or only filled temporarily. The same happened for 30 percent of vacancies for engineering professionals. In 2015 Italian companies planned to hire 722,000 people. 76,000, that is 10.6%, of them were difficult to find. The supply of workers was scarce and finding them took more than three months. Unioncamere and the Ministry of Labour, identified two primary reasons for this difficulty: the lack of skills and qualifications.


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Wine on the school curriculum for 6 to 13 year olds?

Italian children aged between six and 13 might be taught about Italian wine as part of their school curriculum. The proposal, put forward by Dario Stefàno, from Italy's Left Ecology and Freedom party, has been laid out in a draft bill and it would see schoolchildren spending one hour a week learning about Italy's wine, the same amount of time children spend studying music and religion. Wine could be alternatively incorporated as modules into existing subjects such as biology, history and geography. If the bill becomes law Italian children will learn about the genesis, the mythology and history of wine in the Euro-Mediterranean culture and also Italian geography of the vines; vine cultivation, production of grapes and the winemaking process.


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28 year old Italian Phd student dies in Cairo in mysterious circumstances

Giulio Regeni, 28-year-old Italian PhD student at Cambridge was found dead in Cairo. Italian authorities demanded a full investigation into his death. His body bore signs that he had been tortured. The Cambridge student had disappeared on January 25 on the fifth anniversary of the beginning of Egypt’s revolution.


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ME the made in Italy electric scooter available soon

ME the 100% made in Italy electric scooter will be on the market in March. ME is the acrimonious of Motorino elettrico, Electric scooter. Its secret is the material: Smc, Sheet moulding compound, a compound of resins not containing metal parts but particularly resistant, elastic and, extremely light. The scooter, complete with batteries, weighs only 90 kg (against 150 of the competitors). The ME scooter is expected to have a range of 80 kilometres with a top speed of 45 kph. Equipped with a lithium battery which can be easily removed from under the seat (in this way in five hours it can be recharged at home, or in a garage equipped with an electrical outlet).


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One in five Italians don't read or participate in cultural events

One Italian out of five, that is 18.5% of the population doesn't read or participate in cultural events. The alarming data emerged from the latest Istat annual report on Italians and culture. According to the research more than a half of the Italian population didn't even flick through a newspaper and six people out of ten didn't even read a book. According to the annual report, the most cultured Italian area is the north east, where only 12.1% weren't involved in cultural activities in 2015 and the lowest rate of cultural participation was recorded in the south with a 28.2% of people not involved in any cultural activity in the last year. Italians are not even particularity interested in the news: more than 51.9% didn't read newspapers during the week. The data is not more encouraging when it comes to books or visiting museums, as 6 Italians out of 10 didn't read a book and 68.3% didn't visit museums or exhibitions.


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16 year olds to get the vote in Italy?

Italy is the country with the oldest population in Europe. To counterbalance this, debate has opened to the hypothesis of granting the right to vote to the under-eighteens. Many other European countries have been considering this possibility as a way to reinforce the interest of young people in politics and force governments to take into more consideration young people's needs


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Technology Start Ups Boom in Italy

Technology start-ups have recorded an amazing boom in Italy in the last years in spite of the Italian economy contraction of the past three years. Italy, the fourth largest economy in Europe, was one of the worst hit during the financial crisis. The mistrust in large companies that rose during this period is probably one of the reasons people are creating start-ups. Italy is also enjoying an increase in venture capital money. Venture capital funding in the country saw a 12 percent rise compared to last year. The start-up, Shopfully, founded in 2010, has benefited from the recent interest in the Italian market. Shopfully made an app that delivers deals on products based on stores near where you are. The firm has over 13 million people using its app globally, and works with over 200 leading brands and retailers.


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Growing Up Italian in the UK Facebook Group

If you are Italian or have Italian origins you might find it interesting to share your experience with the Facebook group “Growing up Italian in the UK”. The group has more than 5000 members, multiple posts an hour and some people have taken up the challenge of introducing themselves with a short video. I talked with Franca Bongiorno Roberts, founder of the group, in order to know more about this interactive community which recently had a meeting point for “Growing up Italian in the Uk” at Villa Scalabrini, called “classics at the villa”


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Italian student seeks crowdfunding for PHD research on the Camorra

Crowdfunding might be needed to shed new light on organised crime in Italy. As it has been reported by the Agence France Presse (AFP), an Italian student appealed for the public to crowdfund his PhD research on the criminal organization known as the Camorra. Mario Trifuoggi, a 29-year-old from Naples, in 2013 won a PhD for his project, “Le quattro giornate di Napoli – Reloaded”, an enquiry on the lands contended between the Italian state and the Camorra


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