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It’s fun being a fashionista!

But it’s hard work too… One fashion student’s personal perspective

Walking through the Kingston university library with my fellow fashion students always results in the students from every other course gawping at us as if we are aliens!

This may be because one of us would be wearing a brig


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My life is a whirl - Confessions of a noughtie raver...

Confessions of a noughtie raver...

Music, strobe lights, glow sticks, comfy clothes and RAVERS...the main components to a monumental night.


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Cheesy Chips and cheap drink: welcome to university life

Tips on how to survive the first year...

Packing up my room with my friends, discussing what we are expecting from uni didn’t even come close to the reality of my first year of uni.

Once I stepped foot in my new house I knew that all I wanted to do was explore, make friend and for my mum to give up unp


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Grad it's all over - life after graduation

Life after graduation – a new beginning

Emotions at the


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