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Young Italians not fleeing the nest

Young Italians under 35 years of age live with their parents even if they have a job.


ISTAT reported that nearly 7 million young Italians live with their parents. This number represents 62.5% of the population under 35. They are students by 35.5% and unemployed people by 29.7%. The remaining 31.8% are workers. The overall number of under 35 Italians living at home is quite high considering that the European average of young people living at home is 48.1%.  


The main reason is always the economical crisis and job insecurity. The young people who entered the job market in the new millennium are heavily experimenting the difficulties of the labour market, where job placements are reduced, especially among young people, stability is not guaranteed and salaries are penalised. However, an Italian attitude to prefer the parental home to interdependence can be noticed. Even twenty years ago, when the crisis was a mirage, 62.8% of Italian men less than 35 years old lived with their parents.


Apparently, women are more independent than men. In 2015 "only" 56.5% of females lived with their family of origin, compared to 68.2% of males. A figure in stark contrast with the European average which stands at 48.1%. But if we consider younger people, the percentages are even higher: in 2015, the percentage of young men (25-29 years old) was 70.1% and 54.7% were the young women in the same age group. 


In the 30 to 34 age group more than half of them have a job (55.3%) and yet they continue to live with their parents. Things are not very different in the 25 to 29 age group where 46.5% of them have a job, while for younger people, the largest portion is made up of students (43.1% of 20 to 24 years old and 76.8% of 18-19 years old). As to the territorial distribution, the highest percentage is found in the South (67.8%), followed, not at a great distance, by the Centre (61.4%) and the North (58.1%).


This was the second consecutive year that the share of young people under 35 living at home with both or one of the two parents stands at the peak of 62.5%, the highest share recorded by ISTAT in 15 years: the figure has always fluctuated around 60%, with a minimum decrease of 58.6% between 2009 and 2010.


However, the “Washington post” reported that in the United States, the share of young men, unmarried and living with one or more of their parents has reached a high record unseen in more than 130 years. In fact, according to a new analysis released by the Pew Research Centre, in 2014 (the most recent for which detailed data is available), people aged 18 to 34 in the United States were more likely to be living at home than on their own or with a wife or a partner.


Giulia Lombardo

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