NEWS » Will the Trevi Fountain be branded Fendi forever?

Will the Trevi Fountain be branded Fendi forever?


Italy is known all over the world for its famous brands
and for its obsession with fashion. Things have been pushed a little further
though, as the link between fashion and culture is growing stronger.

Some of the best known Italian luxury retailers are involved
in the preservation of Italy’s cultural treasures. As a consequence some of the
most representative monuments of Rome and other cities in Italy will be
branded! Tod’s, for the Coliseum, Fendi for the Trevi fountain, Diesel for the
Rialto canal of Venice. 

When a segment of the Trevi fountain’s ornate sculpting
fell down last Summer, Rome appealed for help to restore the crumbling baroque
masterpiece. Being the State resources inadequate, an act of social patronage
was needed.

Fendi came to the rescue. So, Will the Trevi fountain be
branded Fendi forever?

Certanly not, as the maison has donated 2 million 180
thousand Euros  without asking anything
in return apart from a 30 by 40 cm (roughly 12-by-16-inch) plaque, to be fixed
to the side of the fountain for three years. Obviously it is not only generosity
to motivate the brand as the company’s intervention has already gained them a
lot of publicity, that is newspaper headlines around the world.

Fendi is also going to donate 320 thousand Euros for the
renovation work on the “complesso delle quattro fontane” (historical complex of
the four fountains”) bringing the overall Fendi donation to € 2.5 million.

Trevi fountain’s facade and statues will be cleaned and
its basin given a fresh waterproofing. The works should be concluded by 2015.
Visitors will be able to admire the fountain throughout the works and dropping
moneys as a promise to return to the eternal city will be possible. With
funding for the maintenance of Italy’s archaeological treasures cut by 20
percent since 2010, the Trevi Fountain isn’t the only historic monument that
will need private donors’ help.

 Also the Mausoleum of Augusto is in need of donors/sponsors. The works will need 12 million Euros.
4 million has been allocated by the Minister of culture and 4 million by the
city council but the other 4 million needs to be found with private

Italian brand Diesel is spending €5 million to restore
Venice’s weathered Rialto Bridge, the oldest spanning the Grand Canal.

In Rome, luxury shoemaker Tod’s Group has pledged €25
million to restore the Coliseum. Tod’s in exchange for its contribution will
gain the right to place its logo on Coliseum tickets, while the Diesel jeans
founder, Renzo Rosso, will gain an extensive advertising campaign. 

Giulia Lombardo

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