NEWS » Vintage car tax "dodge" in Italy?

Vintage car tax "dodge" in Italy?

A very old car in Italy can be a good bargain. Cars older than 20 years can, with a little trick, circulate tax free. The TV program “Report” threw light on another “furbata” Italian style.

First of all in Italy vintage cars (auto d’epoca) and historical cars (auto storiche) are not at all the same thing. Vintage cars are disbarred by PRA (pubblico registro automobilistico) and can circulate only for rallies. Historical cars must be registered and can always circulate.

But what is the difference between a historical car and just an old one?

When an old car is 20 years old it becomes an historical car, with just a certification issued on the basis of the examination of a few photos of the vehicle, instead of a thorough car check.

Apparently Italians love historical cars, or more likely having one is extremely convenient. The number of vehicles registered as historical is on the increase because of the huge saving on circulation tax. They just pay 10% of the vehicle licence fee, and car insurance is also much cheaper. To change the ownership of a vehicle also costs much less if it is historical.

“The historical automobile club” has the power to decide which cars are historical and which are not. Having more cars registered is an advantage for the prestige and power of the club, so it became easier to get the certification, and the voice spread…

Registering your car is easy. Formally there should be an inspection of the car but as a matter of fact you just need to submit 6 photos to the ASI club.

For new driving licence owners the facilitations are many. A person who should pay 2500 Euros on car insurance can end up paying just 250 Euros.

The car insurance cost is much lower because it is designed for collectors who use them just for sporadic rallies. The risk of car accidents is almost inexistent. But if one starts using a historical car everyday things change.

Because many people use cars which shouldn’t really circulate insurance prices are increasing to the detriment of real car collectors.

This boom of old cars almost tax free is also damaging the environment and is dangerous for public safety because cars which shouldn’t circulate are out and about every day.

Historical cars associations are pushing to have a register of the types of cars that can be considered “auto d’epoca” , historical cars.

 No need to say that someone is earning an awful lot of money out of this “old car business” ….

Giulia Lombardo

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