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Villa Scalabrini Scampaganata 2012


Despite rain, flooded fields and the European Football Championship, the 2012 Scampagnata at Villa Scalabrini Shenley was well attended.

Thanks to the impressive organisational and improvisational skills of Chairman Marco Fiori and his committee of the Friends of Villa Scalabrini, the 2012 Scampagnata was a great success - both socially and financially.



Persistent heavy overnight rain which had flooded large areas of the fields ruled out the usual entrance and parking facilities. Instead, people entered through the main access point to the Villa. The usual car entrance fee was waived and donations were gratefully accepted.

All the regular stalls and attractions operated as normal - mainly under cover - and a convivial atmosphere was enjoyed by all as they met up with family and friends.

Unsurprisingly, demand for Pimms was down on previous years but the tombola, lunch in the barn, pasta bar, polenta, salsicce and Panini stalls, the perfume stand, the bar, face painting, bric-a-brac and cake stands were all in demand, as were Gino D’Acampo and Gennaro Contaldo who happily signed copies of their books.

As ever, this very important and popular annual social event was a success due to the hard work of the committee of the Friends of Villa Scalabrini, their families and friends and the very generous donations from supporters of the community including: Carnevale, Trust Meat, Elsa Vignali, Ticino Bakeries, Ugo Foods, Tony Alfano, Finos, Britanni Salads and Villa Nursery.

Come rain or sun the annual Scampagnata is still the place to be on the last Sunday in June.


Children enjoying Bouncy Castle



Slightly older generation and face painting



Haven't seen you for a while



Anyone hungry?



Prefer to eat inside



The all important backroom team



Fancy a stroll



or a bit of shopping



Sweets please



Gino and Gennaro book signing



Enjoying the day



Padre Vico 


Peter Ciccone

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