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Views from Italy on Cameron's stance


After a long negotiation, Britain has decided not to join the working group that will attempt to produce a new European treaty to face up to the European crisis. The proposal, made ​​by Nicolas Sarkozy (French President) and Angela Merkel (German Chancellor), provides for an amendment to existing treaties, or entering into new ones, so as to provide closer ties for the budgets of member states.

According to the daily “La stampa” David Cameron, the only one among the twenty-seven leaders in Brussels, has chosen the path of isolation.

The journalist Ivana Bartoletti wrote on the news paper “Il fatto quotidiano” that Cameron’s policy is a political “fiasco” and underlined that Great Britain, as well as being the only country not to join the coalition to save the Euro, has also not ripped any concession for the City”.

As “Rainews24” reported, the most feared, two-speed Europe has now become a reality that will affect the future institutional architecture of the European Union.

The new format is 26 against one. On the one hand, the 17 Euro zone countries and nine of the ten states that have chosen to keep their national currencies (Bulgaria, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania, to which were added in the running Czech Republic, Sweden and Hungary), on the other, Britain, perched in the defence of its national interests and its financial City.

Moreover, according to “Rainews24” this treaty of 26 will create a new legal order, outside the Community framework and will immediately penalize the commission along with the Parliament and the council which represent the institutional triangle of the European Union.

In short, according to “Rainews24” instead of simplifying the institutional Europe there is a risk of losing sight of the very core of the European project.

Giulia Lombardo

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