NEWS » Venitian wins seat in London local electians

Venitian wins seat in London local electians


The Venetian Lazaro Petragnoli (Labour party), has out-matched his opponents in the last municipal elections for the city council of Camden.

The neo municipal advisor gained 1,800 votes, more than double those of his opponents, the Conservative Nigel Rumble and the Liberal Democrat Chris Richards.

Petragnoli has been living in London with his family since 2003 when he decided to follow his wife, academic professor, to London. Petragnoli has always been involved in politics. Previously while still in Italy he was a member of the DS party, then when he came to London in 2003 he joined the Labour party.

As “Adnkronos” reported Petragnoli declared that despite not being born and raised in the UK he didn’t find any barrier to join the political life in London and to be a member of the Llabour party. London is a multiethnic metropolis, and in particular Camden is full of foreigners, so according to Petragnoli, many were pleased that there was a foreigner to represent them.

Only in the last campaign the CVonservatives tried to attack him on his Italian origins but this attempt to diminish his value as a people’s representative has remarkably failed as demonstrated by the results.

As “Adnkronos” reported Petragnoli’s campaign was all about Camden’s problems. The results surprised everyone. He had the feeling things were going well but nobody could expect such an amazing result.

Petregnoli’s personal experience made him able to point out some differences in the Italian and UK local election’s process. In the UK local elections are less ideological and people change their political orientation more easily. Moreover, according to Petragnoli, as “Adnkronos” reported, an experience like his own for a person coming from abroad would not be so easy in Italy, especially because the bureaucratic mechanisms are more complex and muddled.

Petragnoli commented also on the more attention to keep faith to the promises made in the electoral campaign in the UK in comparison to the promise made to Italians.

The campaign was pretty intense, Petragnoli, the neo-advisor, made it literally door to door, going to talk to people, explaining what was the program of the Labour party for the city, focusing on the issues closest to him such as the environment and urban planning.

The main point of his campaign was the "no" to the new speed train station in central London which would imply the demolition of 200 homes and a school and the digging of a tunnel to take people at high speed where, according to market analysis, people really don’t want to go. The alternative proposed was a new interchange station to get to the centre of the city.

To celebrate his election Pertagnoli went for a walk with his 4 years old son.

Giulia Lombardo

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