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Useful Websites for Anglo-Italian Mums

Useful websites for Anglo-Italian mums

Motherhood can sometimes set unexpected challenges. Most of the time it is helpful and comforting to know that other women are going through similar experiences and face the same problems. So why not share your ideas and maybe meet together with the kids in an Anglo-Italian environment?

For all the Anglo-Italian mums there is a very useful website to find out information and exchange experience on Italian mums’ London life. provides useful information on the British school, medical and social system, for the Italians recently relocated in London, but also provides a bilingual English/Italian forum where Anglo-Italians can exchange opinions and experiences on raising their children in the U.K.

Browsing  on the website you might bump into the posts of mums like Laura who is asking advice on how to make her 10 months old daughter sleep at night, or Sabrina who wants to stop breast feeding but doesn’t know how to get her baby used to artificial milk.

On the other hand, the section “Corsi and play groups” provides a unique opportunity to get in touch with Italian speakers in your local area, organize play groups or just meet up at the local caffe.

Information on child care and nanny’s adverts  can also be found on the child care section, together with info on hear dressers aestheticians, recipes, shopping, house furniture, holidays and much more.

The group has also a Facebook page: mammealondra.

Another reference point for all the mums in London is, the free and independent support group for mums in London.

Many are the events advertised on the website, some of them addressed to Anglo-Italians.

Browsing through the web pages you can easily find out more about how for example Putney mums are supporting each other or the breastfeeding cafe at the Eileen Lecky Heath Centre. 

Monica Costa founded London Mums in September 2006 after her son Diego’s birth, together with a group of mothers who felt the need of meeting up regularly to share the challenges and joys of motherhood in metropolitan and multicultural London.

While you start browsing these websites, for the families who live Cambridge, we already recommend the “Girotondo - Italian toddler playgroup”, the  playgroup for bilingual Italian-speaking children in the Cambridge area.

“Girotondo” follows the successful format of British parent and toddler playgroups with the use of songs and nursery rhymes. The playgroup aims to give young children the opportunity to learn and practice Italian whilst playing and having fun.
The meetings take place every Monday afternoon between 16:00 and 17:00 at Ross Street Community Centre, Cambridge, CB1 3UZ.


Giulia Lombardo

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