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When the going gets tough... the tough get job-seeking!

The final year at university can be tough. No more late nights (so they say), no drinking (yeah right), no more 24 hour PlayStation sessions and most importantly, no money.

Instead, say hello to dissertation stress, anxieties of moving back home and the reality of needing a job!

It’s a difficult situation, with so much time being spent researching your final thesis and revising for exams, many students forget to prepare a decent CV for when they've finished.

If your plans involve travelling or taking 'a year out' this is fine - maybe a part time bar job or waitering will suffice. However, if you're planning to kickstart your professional career straight away, you may well find applications and interviews take place well before your graduation in July. You need to be prepared.

Industries such as advertising traditionally begin their recruiting process in September, with a view to allocate Jobs the following May. If you're keen, this means getting all your materials together as early as the end of your second year.

There are a host of Websites which can help you sort a CV, with being particularly helpful. Some companies are capitalising on the power of social media to aid their graduate recruitment endeavors, advertising grad schemes via social media such as Facebook and twitter.  They do this with the intention of receiving as many applications as possible, seeking out the best, most suitable candidates to employ.

I recently experienced this process myself whilst applying to Saatchi&Saatchi with a view to kickstart a career in advertising. This process involved 6 rounds, skimming down from 1000 applicants, eventually down to a successful 10. They asked candidates to create Facebook groups, reinvent their own advert, as well as taking part in live Skype interviews.

It's is worth getting used to this sort of recruitment technique, as reports suggest this method is set to increase in 2011. My advice for any grads is to start research into their chosen profession early. As mentioned, application processes begin at different times; some well before the end of the final year. Find out when yours starts, start preparing your CV early and get the forms filled out. Following this tedious (and rather boring) process, you can now look forward to the even more daunting challenge of interviews!

Massimo Fiori

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