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Tony Grieco RIP

Tony started his life in Clerkenwell on 3rd January 1950. St Peter’s Italian Church and the youth club  were a big part of that life, not only as he grew up but when he returned in the holidays and especially for the Italian Procession each July. He was also a founding member of the Mazzini Garibaldi Club’s youth committee, was very active with St Peter’s Student Centre and many of the articles in the archive of the original  Backhill were contributed by Tony.

He attended St Aloysius school and, through his links with YCS, Tony went to Liverpool to attend Christ's College before taking up his first, and only, teaching post at Maricourt Catholic High School.

During a long career at Maricourt he was involved in many aspects of the life of the community including school trips and the Duke of Edinburgh. He was key in establishing the link between the Maricourt 6th Form and the HCPT — this Easter was the 20th anniversary of the school group's annual pilgrimage. The Sisters of Mercy at Maricourt have always been terribly supportive of Tony and he had a great respect for and friendship with them. Through both Christs and Maricourt, Tony developed many lifelong friends. After retiring, Tony continued to support the school as a Governor. The large number of comments posted on Facebook by past pupils of the school show what a positive impact Tony had on those he taught. Many comments describe him as a wonderful teacher who had time for students (and never got any older).

Tony was a familiar figure around Ormskirk. He was particularly active in the Parish of St Anne's and was a Governor of St Anne's Primary school. He was a quiz enthusiast and played for many seasons around the pubs in the area that had teams in the Merseyside quiz leagues. There were few subjects, if any, on which Tony was not knowledgeable.

Tony was actively involved with the Cathedral in Liverpool. He worked tirelessly for the Friends of the Cathedral raising money through events. He worked with the Education department showing school children around the Cathedral and he became a regular performer in the annual children's carol service. His most recent role (and who else could have played this with such aplomb) was  'The Voice of God'

Tony's work with HCPT was evident for all to see and many people have seen the lovely tributes paid to him on the HCPT website, Who was more famous, Tony or his hat?!! A quote from one of the tributes 'one of the unsung heroes working behind the scenes but always smiling'.

Family was very important to Tony. He would share fond memories of growing up with the Cicco family in London and was particularly fond of Cyril, Pat, Ray and June.

He also remained in touch with the Grieco family in Italy who were also very welcoming to any of the family and friends who visited them.

A big part of Tony's life were his Italian friends and their Racing Association which they  called LIRA. Many of you will have heard of this group of friends from London who for the last 35 years have descended on his house in Ormskirk for the Grand National weekend.

Tony loved to tell a good story and people loved to listen. If his tale included the phrase 'for the sake for argument' you knew you were in for a good one.

The memory that has been most talked about over the last few weeks is of Tony laughing — and although he was not doing much of that lately, he never really lost his sense of humour and faced death with great courage.

He was humbled by all the get well wishes, thoughts, prayers and support that he received during his illness.

A cliché maybe but Tony was a legend in his own lifetime. He has left us while he still had much more to give and, although this leaves a huge hole in our lives, we are better for having known him.

Caroline, his devoted wife,asks that we remember him as he was — larger than life and full of life. So many people have wonderful memories of Tony they can cherish.

And a last few words from Caroline

“I am incredibly grateful for the support that I received during that time and that I have received since his death. And I know that support will continue.”

RIP Il Presidente di LIRA.


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