GIOVENTU » Think it's tough here? Italy's brain drain

Think it's tough here? Italy's brain drain. It's who you know that matters.

Confimpresse Italia, a business association, estimates that 120,000 young Italians, of whom 70% were graduates, went abroad in 2008-09.
Since then economic conditions have worsened and nearly one in three 15 to24 year olds are jobless. Many think the system of raccomandazione - where people get jobs through peronal contacts rather than merit - lies at theheart of the problem.

A recent survey sponsored by the ministry of labour showed nearlty two in three companies (61%) relied on personal introductions for recruitment. It's who you know rather than what you know that appears to be important!

For many who leave Italy to develop careers the longing to return is powerful but the incentives few. In italy you are young and not really taken seriously until you reach at least 40. Maybe the rain and the cold in Britain is not so bad after all!


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