NEWS » The World loves Italian food and drink - record levels of exports reported

The World loves Italian food and drink - record levels of exports reported

Italy achieved a worldwide record  in the export of local food products. 2013 reached the historical record of all times, with the food export share that touches the record of 33 billion Euros. It was a boom in sales of Italian food all over the world. Wine, cheese and olive oil imposed themselves in many world markets. 

The majority of exports were in the European Union, but made in Italy is also growing in the United States, Asia and Africa. The best results, however, were in Oceania. The most exported product was confirmed to be wine followed by fresh fruit. 

According to data collected by Coldiretti through the ISTAT data concerning foreign trade, it was estimated that products amounting to  22.5 billion Euros were purchased in Europe (+5% compared to 2012). The trend was positive also in the U.S. where Italian food was bought for an amount of  € 2.9 billion (+6%). The Asian market has seen an expenditure of 2.8 billion Euros in Italian food (+8%) and in Africa there has been an increase of 12%, reaching a total of 1.1 billion Euros. In Oceania there has been the highest figure ever, with an increase of as much as 13% of Italian imports from the previous year. Overall, the increase in export of products of the “Bel Paese” showed a +6 % .

King of the purchases is wine, which recorded transactions for € 5.1 billion (+8 % compared to 2012) followed by: fresh fruit and vegetables , sold for a value of EUR 4.5 billion (+6%), oil, bought for € 1.3 billion (+10%) and then pasta that is an Italian certainty on foreign tables amounting to 2.2 billion Euros (+4 %).

Even in France  the purchases of Italian wines grew by 11 % and 8% in the United States. In Australia it grew as much as 21%, and 66% in Chile. Not only wine but also sparkling wine has imposed itself in several areas of the world. In China it has had an increase in sales of 101%, in Britain of 50% and 31% in Russia. Surprisingly Italian wine is not the only drink to be appreciated, but also our local beers recorded an increase in sales in the countries of production brewing masters such as Germany (66% of sales), Sweden (+19%) and the Netherlands (+9%).

Dairy products increased their purchases by 2% in France and in China, where the increase was 25%. Noteworthy is also the sale of products with strong local competition such as cold cuts and sausages. In Germany, the undisputed home of sausages, they increased by 9%, spaghetti in China increased by 18% and the sale of grappa increased in the UK by 8% as many prefer it to whiskey.

Giulia Lombardo

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