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The most popular Christmas gifts in Italy

What are the most popular gifts Italians will find under their Christmas trees?

According to the survey Confesercenti-SWG this year 12% of the Italians who will buy presents are willing to spend, for Christmas gifts, more than last year. The survey showed that less Italians declared they want to spend less, while 31% said they’ll spend the same as last year.

The desire of finding presents under the Christmas tree is stronger than the crisis, but the economic difficulties are a fact, and 8% of the Italians will try to limit the total expenditure for gifts. 16% will save on gifts for themselves but will be generous with friends: 14% of the Italians, 3% less than last year, will save on the presents for their friends. On the decrease are also the number of those trying to save on gifts for relatives.

On top of the chart we find accessories and utilities, which will be purchased by 46%. Very popular will be hi-tech gifts. 27% of the Italians, the same as last year, will give a technologic gift to friends and family. 37% of the respondents have chosen as a gift smart phones, while 23% tablets. 6 out of 10 Italians in total will buy a mobile device. However, 17% will buy a laptop and the same percentage a high-definition TV. The e-book is also increasing its popularity raising from 3% last year to 15 %. The same proportion of buyers is going to choose a console. Figures show a great increase compared to 2012. This must be due to the arrival of new models of Sony Play station and Microsoft's Xbox, marketed  this Christmas season. 22% of those buying a consol are in the age group of above 64 years, probably grandparents, looking for the hi-tech gift for the grandchildren.

Some changes have regarded also the traditional Christmas decorations. This year, 33% of the Italians have indicated their willingness to decorate only the tree, 2% less than last year, while the nativity scene will be chosen by 3.8 million people (about 8% of the sample) an increase of 2 percentage points over 2012, amounting to 960.000 more nativity scenes. The number of those who will do both is stable (36 %), while 14% will only put a few decorations and 9% won’t put any decorations. If we consider the age groups, the tree will be decorated predominantly by people in their thirties and forties. Over sixty will do both the tree and the nativity scene according to the tradition, while the decorations leave almost indifferent the youngest, but people in their thirties and in their fifties like them.

Giulia Lombardo

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