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The Italian ladies committee (CDI)

The Italian ladies committee (CDI)

The history of “The Italian ladies committee” (CDI) traces back to January 1984, when it was founded with the aim to raise funds for villa Scalabrini, a home for elderly Italians in Great Britain.

From March 1984- 1986 the CDI raised over 30.000 pounds by organizing numerous original fund raising events. Even though the committee had achieved its goal : “Villa Scalabrini”, the ladies of the CDI committee decided to form a “second edition” of the committee to continue fund raising. For this reason in May 1987 “Il comitatato donne italiane (ladies committee) was formed, consisting of three quarters of the original team with seven additional new and valuable members.

The new committee broadened its interest in assisting those in need, and also focused its attention on  promoting the role of the “Italian woman” in our community, giving them a place to meet, discuss and share their knowledge in order to have an active role and help to integrate in society.

The committee has had the privilege of having Luciana Di Leo, wife of the Consul General as the first Chairperson. Luciana Di Leo attended all the meetings and worked side by side with the other committee members on all the projects.

The wives of the Italian consuls continued with this tradition to date. In addition,  the Italian ladies committee has the Patronage of the Italian ambassador’s wife.

In January 1988, in order to widen their scope, the committee set up the “Club donne italiane” with over 300 members.

The club (20 Brixton road, London, SW9 6BU) opens on Tuesday evenings for social, cultural and recreational activities (events include, cultural lectures on art and history, medical  talks, law evenings, and first aid classes).

Each year the committee organises a day trip in England or a weekend  in a European city and a cultural holyday abroad.

The destination to date have included: Rome, Moscow, Vienna, Spain, Egypt, China, Pakistan, Thailand, Burma, Laos, Prague, Bruges, Amsterdam, Brussels, St.  Omer, Kenya, New York, Budapest, Singapore, Bali, Hong Kong, Macao, Iceland, Poland, St. Petersburg and a second visit to Egypt and Rome, but also Greece, the Loire valley, Ireland, Portugal, Scotland, the Rhine, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Puglia, Normandy, Lake district.

The charity chosen for  2011/2012  is “The children’s trust” (babies and children with brain trauma).

A Sponsored walk,  a quiz-night, and a gala-bingo are going to be the main fund raising events.

Giulia Lombardo

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