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The 2018 OGI Games

All young people in the Italian communities of the U.K. have the opportunity to take part in The Olimpiadi Gioventù Italiana, (O.G.I.) regardless of their ability. This three-day Olympic event, celebrating community values and brotherhood through sports, was founded in 1978 by St. Peter's Italian Club in London.  

The Games are open to all young people from 9 to 21 years of age (inclusive), who are members of an Italian Club or Association, or who are currently learning Italian at school or evening class.

Since 1980 the OGI Games have taken place every two years, on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday of the May Bank Holiday.

The 2018 OGI Games were held at Allianz Park (formerly Copthall) on the bank holiday weekend of the 26th, 27th and 28th May 2018.

This year’s breakthrough was the introduction of photo finishing equipment.
Around 750 competitors take part in each OGI Games which attract up to 5000 spectators over the three days. This year 600 athletes with approximately 2000 supporting families and friends were expected to participate. Four teams took part: As Londra Sud, Finchley, Southgate and St Peters. There was no maximum or minimum limit on the number of competitors in each team.

The O.G.I. has always been reliant upon the goodwill and generosity of the Italian community to ensure that it can continue to provide a platform for all youngsters from the Italian community and their friends (regardless of their ethnicity and origins) to take part in a sporting spectacle irrespective of their ability.

This great initiative is made possible thanks to the work of approximately 20 members who deal with all matters relating to the games.
The event is funded through fund raising events and donations. In 2017 there was a family lunch and a golf day to support OGI 2018. People of the Italian community can get involved in the preparation of the event by helping with fund raising to keep this event in the Italian community and by helping over the three days of the event.

As Adriano Morini, President of O.G.I. said: “O.G.I. Olympics is a really exciting weekend which needs everyone’s support!”.

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