NEWS » Sophia Loren wins her 39 year fight against Italy's tax system

Sophia Loren wins her 39 year fight against Italy's tax system

The actress Sophia Loren won her 39 year long fight against the Italian tax system.

The Supreme court  has finally put an end to a 39-year legal dispute between the Oscar-winning film star Sophia Loren, and the Italian tax authorities.

According to Loren’s lawyer, Giovanni Desideri, as the main Italian newspapers reported, the Kafkaesque Italian case has finally come to an end.

In 1980 the actress was served with a notice of assessment, for a total income of 922 million lire in 1974 (the equivalent, considering the purchasing power of the money at that time of more than Euro 5,345 million today). Loren, then, taking advantage of the tax amnesty provided by law 516/1982, submitted a supplementary statement referring to an income of 552 million lire, equivalent to 60% of the income assessed but the revenue had registered as taxable income  644 million, claiming that the percentage to be applied was 70%, since the tax return for the year 1974, had to be considered omitted because there were not the active and passive elements necessary to determine the taxable amount.

As a consequence, in 1982, Sophia Loren spent 17 days in jail in Caserta charged with tax evasion.

One of the most famous actresses of all time, Loren became famous internationally when she acted alongside Cary Grant in “Houseboat” (1958). In 1961 she won an Oscar for her magnificent performance in “Two Women” (1960) directed by Vittorio de Sica about a mother and a daughter raped during the war.

In 1991 she received a lifetime achievement Oscar.

The actress' last acting role was three years ago in an autobiographical film for the television “La mia casa e’ piena di specchi” (My House if Full of Mirrors), where she played the part of her own mother.

Now after many years in the industry and 10 years after her last big screen leading role, Sophia is once more under the spotlight in her youngest son's new feature film.

During this summer the actress has filmed “La Voce Umana”, which has being directed by her son Edoardo Ponti, in her native Naples. The film is based on a 1930 play by iconic French playwright Jean Cocteau.   

Therefore we’ll see her back on screen soon. 

Giulia Lombardo

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