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Sardinia to become Swiss?

After Venice manifested the desire to break away from Rome with an unofficial referendum, a movement in Sardinia expresses the wish that the island could belong to Switzerland. So they proposed an online petition for the island to be sold to Switzerland. As a matter of fact in Italy it has become more difficult to tell what is a joke, and what is serious, as much of the news coming from the “Bel paese” must sound like a joke to the rest of the planet, but it is not!

Andrea Caruso and Enrico Napoleone are two 50 year old friends from school days who co-founded  the Canton Marittimo movement . The idea sprang from the internet. Canton Marittimo movement has more than 3,000 likes on Facebook but people haven’t yet engaged a real battle with Rome so for now it’s still just on the provocative ground. The movement has also a website The provocation originated from the strong discontent which can be perceived all over Italy. In this case, Enrico Napoleone lamented of the excessive bureaucracy and taxation. Italian complex decision making systems make it a battle to have a business in Italy so that its citizens wish they belonged to another country.

The discontent in the Island is very strong as the unemployment rate has touched 18.1 %, the sixth highest in Italy and more than half of the families struggle to make ends meet.

People of Sardinia, one of the five autonomous regions, has always had a strong regional identity. A minority claims independence as the best solution to insufficient public spending and the squandering of  the economic potentials of the island. Others, as in the case of Cantone Marittimo, don’t think that Sardinia could manage by itself and believe that they should have the right to decide to which country they want to belong. Switzerland seemed the best choice so why shouldn’t Sardinia become the 27th canton? In a virtuous exchange, the island will offer its stunning coastline and untapped economical resources. On the other hand the Swiss will provide administrative efficiency, direct democracy and economic wealth. 

The choice of Switzerland is a significant sign of distrust in the EU’s ability to provide economical stability and cultural enrichment. 

An online pool of 4,000 Swiss people produced a 93% agreement to the acceptance of Sardinia. 

Giulia Lombardo

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