NEWS » Ryanair the most popular airline in Italy?

Ryanair the most popular airline in Italy?


“Ryanair” has become the biggest airline company in Italy! In the last year the Irish company has overtaken “Alitalia” with 28 million passengers in 2011, against the 25 million of Alitalia.

Many are the reasons for this astonishing result: the economical crisis, good marketing campaigns, an overall mistrust in the services provided by “Alitalia”.

As a consequence, Italians fly with “Ryanair”!

Though, many Italian custumers seem to hold mixed feeling towards the company. Italians, for example, always complain about the strict hand luggage weight restrictions imposed by the company, extra charges on payment with credit cards and the burden of check in online.

As a matter of fact when it comes to save money “Ryanair” seems quite always the cheapest option, especially if you travel without luggage.

Anyway, it’s always worth checking “Easy jet” and “British Airways” to compare the prices, especially if you travel from London. Sometimes “British Airways” can offer very good deals and the service provided is, without any doubt, better.

First of all “British Airways” flies to the main airports, so that travelling to and from the city centres is much easier. With “Easy jet” and “British Airways” luggage restrictions are less severe, you don’t have weight restrictions for the hand luggage and you can carry up to 20 kg of checked luggage.

Flying with “British Airways” you also avoid standing in long queues and the overall time you spend at the airport is less than with “Ryanair” or “Easy jet” which indicate usually some extra time on the travelling timetable so that they will always be on time!

As everybody knows, “Ryanair” flies to small airports which sometimes are quite far away from the city centre or closer to another city, as for example, the flight to Milano which actually goes to Bergamo. “Orio al Serio Airport” is situated 50 km from Milan and it’s the base of Ryan air and many other low cost airlines. The airport is connected to Milan by bus with a run every 20 minutes. The ticket price is 9,90€. There is no train or metro. Taxi costs 90€.

To go to Venice you’ll land at Venice Treviso airport, located approximately 20 km from the city of Venice. There is a connecting coach service. Bus times coincide with flight arrivals and departures, and the fare is much cheaper than a taxi.

Italian airports are usually not so well connected to the city centres, if compared with the English standards, but travel costs are much cheaper. For example “Turin Caselle Airport” is located 16 km (10 miles) north of Turin’s city centre and the railway station is located very near to the air terminal. Rail service between the air terminal and GTT Dora Station in north western Turin takes 19 minutes and departures are every 30 minutes. Also Perugia - San Egidio Airport has a very cheap coach service to the city centre.

Ryan air Italian destinations:

Alghero - Fertilia Airport

Ancona - Ancona Airport

Bari - Bari Airport

Bergamo - Orio al Serio Airport Base - As "Milan (Bergamo)"

Bologna - Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport

Brindisi - Brindisi Airport

Cagliari - Cagliari-Elmas Airport

Cuneo - Cuneo Levaldigi Airport

Genoa - Genoa Cristoforo Colombo Airport

Lamezia Terme - Lamezia Terme Airport

Palermo - Palermo Airport

Parma - Parma Airport

Perugia - San Egidio Airport

Pescara - Abruzzo Airport

Pisa - Galileo Galilei Airport

Rimini - Federico Fellini Airport

Rome - Ciampino Airport

Trapani - Vincenzo Florio Airport

Treviso - Sant'Angelo Airport - As "Venice (Treviso)"

Trieste - Friuli Venezia Giulia Airport

Turin - Turin Caselle Airport

Verona - Villafranca Airport

Alitalia is poised to bolster its position in its home market through the planned acquisition of smaller Italian carriers Wind Jet and Blue Panorama. If the recently announced deals are completed, Alitalia stands to increase its total market share to about 27%, cementing its position as Italy’s leading passenger carrier.

The acquisitions will also result in increased low-cost competition in Italy as Alitalia expands its presence in the budget sector through the new subsidiary companies.

Alitalia stated there are potential synergies with Blue Panorama and Wind Jet, with the airlines having complementary networks, markets and products. Alitalia will be submitting its plan to Italy’s Antitrust Authority for approval prior to the acquisitions being presented to the governing bodies of the three airlines.

The Italian market is highly fragmented, with no single carrier accounting for more than a quarter of total capacity. There is a mix of full service and low-cost carriers controlling significant portions of the market. Alitalia itself currently accounts for only 19% of total capacity, which makes it the second largest carrier in Italy following Irish low-cost carrier Ryanair, which has a 20.8% capacity share. But when factoring in Alitalia's LCC subsidiary Air One Smart Carrier, Alitalia is now slightly larger in its home market than Ryanair with a 21.9% capacity share

The acquisitions of Wind Jet and Blue Panorama should ensure that the Alitalia group remains ahead of rival Ryanair. Wind Jet is currently Italy’s sixth largest carrier with a 3.7% share of the market while Blue Panorama (including Blu-express) is currently the 12th largest carrier in Italy with 1.3% capacity share, according to Innovata data. As a result, the acquisitions will increase total group capacity at Alitalia to about 27%

Giulia Lombardo

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