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Record boom in food exports from Italy

The new year starts with great satisfaction for the made in Italy food products. In spite of the economical crisis and the embargo to Russia, which eliminates a big market, Christmas 2015 saw a record boom of Italian food exportation.

Italian products triumphed on foreign tables during the holidays thanks to exports of wines, sparkling wines, brandy and liqueurs, panettone, cheeses, and pasta.

The value of exports of the most typical of Christmas products increased: sparkling wines (+ 19%) panettone (+ 9%), but also wines (+ 8%), pasta (+ 7%) and cheese (+ 4%).

Coldiretti esteemed a 3 billion Euros exportation, that is plus 8% over that of last year.

The demand for sparkling Italian wine took over on that of champagne. According to Coldiretti, there have never been so many toasts made with Italian wine in the world as in this year. The demand grew in value by 50 percent in Britain and 32 percent in the United States. The request increased by 19 percent even in France, in spite of the French always being nationalists in the choices of their food and wine.

In the ranking of Italian bubbles, the most consumed in the world were in order: Prosecco, Asti, Trento DOC and Franciacorta. In the wine sector in general, there was an overall increase of 8 percent in export value.


In great demand was also panettone, other pastry products, an increase of 9 percent in value, and the pasta, with a + 7%. There was also increased demand for Italian cheeses, which recorded an increase in value of exports of 4 percent. The most popular were pecorino and Fiore Sardo with 31%.


As the president of Coldiretti Roberto Moncalvo reportedly said, the great success of Italian food and wine leads the recovery of the entire made in Italy,  and the trend in international markets could further improve with more effective protection against counterfeit products.


Italian food and wine did well also on the internal market. According to a study by “Confesercenti” food and wine were the main gifts of this year (77%). Books were in second place (55%), clothing at (52%), toys and games (46%), perfumes and cosmetics (40%), technical products (30%), domestic appliances and furniture (15%), tours (15%), gift tokens (11%), jewels (10%), holiday packages (9%), cars, scooter (5%). Among technical gifts, smartphones were the most popular (54%), followed by tablets (28%), e-book readers (22%), ultra HD televisions (8%) and video game consoles (13%).


Giulia Lombardo

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