NEWS » Race Night at Villa Scalabrini raises over £5k

Race Night at Villa Scalabrini raises over £5k

Race Night at Villa Scalabrini raises over £5k

Once again the Anglo-Italian community showed what can be done as a fun Race Night held at the recently revamped barn at Villa Scalabrini in Shenley which raised £5,250 towards essential repairs to the Oratorio at Volpi, near Pellegrino Parmense.

The generosity of people in both their time and donations was staggering.

Approximately 150 people attended the night, paying £10 each for which they received a three course meal comprising a starter of prosciutto and mozzarella di bufola crostini, followed by a tris of pasta (cooked by chefs for the night Stefano Mazzi, Fabiano and Giancarlo Negri) and finished off by fresh strawberries with lemon curd dessert - yes, all this for just £10!

What made the evening such a great financial success?

Remarkably, all the food, drinks, raffle and auction prizes were kindly donated; races sponsored; horses pre-sold or auctioned on the night; and the labour involved in organising the event, preparing, cooking and serving the food and drink and setting up the room all provided gratis, with great enthusiasm.

The Organising Committee

Perhaps unsurprisingly the event was driven and organised by a ladies committee consisting of Simmi Ciccone, Richetta Sozzi, Elsa Vignali, Francesca Giacon, Rita Fiori, Daniella Pirroni, Maurina Fiori and Stefy Vietro. Many of the Committee have a very impressive record of organising and running successful fundraising events.

3 Generations Working Together

It was great to see 3 generations (ages ranging from 86 to 13!) all working together – running the tote, staffing the bar, preparing the food, selling raffle tickets, serving the meal and clearing up.

The Donees

The event wouldn’t have taken place without the generous donations from many including:

Del’Ugo Pasta, Mandara Mozzarella, Gee Papa/City Herbs, Fam Rastelli/Zinco Restaurants, Fam Fiori/Finos Wine Bars, Fam Ciccone/Sequel Group Ltd, Sambuca Restaurant, Fam Vignali/Bar Remo, Salvo & Co, Torelli Coffee, Pernice’s Pasticceria, Sardo Wine, Mondial Wines, Cibosano, Molino Bakery, Passione Vino, Fam Delnevo/Rising Sun, Loredana Fiori, Fam Chiesa, Fam Mazzi, Lisa Dicesare and Fam Sozzi.

Grazie a tutti

A special thank you to all involved in helping make the night a great success and to everybody who supported the event (some of whom travelled vast distances).

A community in action and a result everybody can be proud of and a great fun evening too!

Peter Ciccone

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