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Pizza popularity - but is it the real thing?

Pizza has become one of the favourite foods around the world. As reported by “The Guardian”, weekly consumption of chips, pizza, crisps and ready meals has soared in the last years in the UK but in recent times there have been also moves towards healthier diets. For example low calories soft drinks have become popular, along with skimmed milk and the increasing consumption of fresh fruit. Adults in the UK now eat an average of 75g of pizza every week compared with none in 1974, while the consumption of pasta has almost tripled over the same period.

Unfortunately when we talk about pizza we often refer to the frozen of fast food product and not to the original fresh Italian one. Pizza is often associated with junk food but there is nothing unhealthy in it if it's made with the original ingredients, respecting its traditional making.


American pizza and coffee companies set up shops in Italy. Domino’s has two stores in Milan and also Starbucks is about to open a shop there. According to Italy’s “La Stampa” newspaper, Pizza Hut is trying to figure out where to find a foothold. How has this been possible? Italians being strongly attached to their traditional cuisine.

The important fact to be considered is that these companies are not just selling pizza or coffee in the country which is famous for these products but they are selling the American image.

Italians know that Italian pizza doesn't have much in common with the American and other versions. In order to have this stated clearly Italy has put Neapolitan pizza-making forward for Unesco recognition.


The candidacy of pizza was proposed by the Italian government and confirmed by the country's Unesco commission after an international petition which collected more than 850,000 signatures from Naples to Japan and Argentina.

According to Coldiretti, the Italian association of agricultural entrepreneurs, the pizza industry is worth €10bn (£8bn) and employs 100,000 people. Pizza-making is a central element of Neapolitan and Italian identity, and a symbol of made in Italy in the world. 


Maybe not everyone knows that real Neapolitan pizza is limited to two types of toppings: marinara (tomato, oil, oregano and garlic) and margherita (tomato, oil, mozzarella or fior di latte, grated cheese and basil).


What is the original pizza's recipe? According to the Association of the Real Neapolitan Pizza, a genuine Neapolitan pizza dough consists of wheat flour (type 0 or 00, or a mixture of the two), compressed biologically produced yeast, sea salt and water. For what concerns the actual pizza making the dough must be kneaded by hand or with a low-speed mixer. After the rising process, the dough should be formed without the help of a rolling pin or other machinery, and should not be more than 3mm thick.

Giulia Lombardo

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