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Pan De Ton


How Italy gave birth to Panettone, it begins with a handsome young Milanese noble Ugheto Atellani who loved his falcons but not as much as the baker's daughter (Adalgisa) who he would watch work for hours at a day. His love for her was so great that he hated seeing her work so hard so he disguised himself as a peasant and offered to work for the baker for free.

To his surprise he enjoyed baking, however he found that the coarse cakes which the baker made for Christmas were not enough for all the effort Adalgisa (daughter) put into them. In order to create a finer quality bread-cake mix Ugheto sold his beloved falcons and bought fine flour and eggs along with dried grapes and candied fruits creating this scrumptious delicious bread. Not much later did he reveal his disguise and asked for the baker's daughter hand in marriage, at the wedding not only was Leonardo Da Vinci a guest but the cake-bread was featured, and from that day on became known as Pan De Ton which in local dialect means 'the bread of luxury' which now is known to us as Panettone.

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