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OGI 2014 another great success

Un evento unico al cuore della communita italiana – O.G.I 2014

A truly unique event at the heart of the Italian Community in the UK – established more than 30 years ago O.G.I “Olimpiadi della Gioventu Italiana” continues to thrive. In excess of 500 young people ranging between the ages of 9-21 participated in this year’s  “mini-Olympics”  held at Saracens Allianz Park .

The 2014 games were once again a great success despite being dogged by dreary wet weather. Finchley was the victorious team winning the OGI Padre Russo shield for the 6th time, AS Londra Sud won the Les Rickard Trophy and St Peters won the Sportsmanship Award. The event, as usual, demonstrated the great benefits of an inclusive community displaying camaraderie, spirit and friendly, but fierce, competiveness. Perhaps the icing on the cake was the closing ceremony with presentation of gold, silver and bronze medals by Italian football legend Marco Tardelli, celebrity chefs Antonio Carluccio and Giorgio Locatelli and Consul General Massimiliano Mazzanti.

The amount of time dedicated by volunteers and the goodwill shown by supporters of this bi-annual event is staggering. There are so many strands involved in ensuring the event runs smoothly ranging from the pre-games registration, preparation, coaching and training, the logistics of running of the 3 day event itself involving Marshalls, Time Keepers, Allianz Stadium staff, team managers, coaches and the OGI committee and then,of course, the post-event team parties.

O.G.I is indeed a unique event at the heart of the Italian community and one that we can justifiably be proud of. Long may it continue to be a well-supported success.

On behalf of the Anglo Italian community our thanks to:

The OGI Organising Committee

Cav Adriano Morini (President), Vic Heissl (Honorary President), Luciana Timanti (Vice President), Francesca Timanti (Secretary), Antony Manzi (Treasurer), Claudia Timanti, Gaetano Attanasio, Livo Spagnoli, Mariella Mansi, Mario Cattini, Marco Timanti, Mauro Inzani, Mike Viglione, Teresa Johnson, Theresa Morena and Tony Franchi.

The participating teams : – managers and committees

A.S. Londra SUD – Sandro Lunghi (manager), Nadia Lunghi, Mario Carrozzo, Mauro Solini, Marcello Moscarello, Pieno Zanelli and Vincenzo Zaccarini

Finchley – Stefano Proietti (manager), A. Attansio, I. Petulla, T. Piccioni, M. Tozzi, G. Cardoso, B. Pappalardo, V. Di Pierro, G. Gagnier, G. Maranzano, N. Petulla, L. Moccia, P. De Simone, M. Giannotto, T. Proietti, E. Attansio, W.Zanre, V. Ferri, L. Economides, M.Bardetti, C. Fabbri, S.Potter, A. McCarthy, C. Economides, P.Pelentis, N.Sidoli, M.Moccia, D. Quattronomi, K. Cardosi, J.Sidoli, B.Burman, B. Apicella and I.Sinott.

Southgate – Francesca Cammarota (manager), Laura Cioffi, Lillian Taibi, Daniella Cioffi, Elena Iacobucci, Pino Cumbo, Matt Taibi, John Puntrello, Lisa Bertorelli, Frank Sterlini, Gianna Cassano and Joe Cassano.

Stanmore and Hendon – Sandra Montagner Siney (manager), Mario Di Cesare, Giulia Di Cesare, Arabella Underwood and Jake Siney.

St Peter’s – Mick Morena (manager), Tony Schiavone, Adele Bertolino, Salv Concadoro, Joe Spadafora, Tracy Concadoro, Fausto Furlotti, Charles Sultan,Joe DiGiovanna, Aldo Zeolla, Salv Bertolino, Paolo Cresci, Gilda Solari, Maria Inzani, Giulia Conti, Lina Spadafora, Marina Malanga and Roberto Inzani.

And the many Sponsors and Supporters:

Caridon Property Services, Club Donne Italiane, Vincenzo Ltd, Gran Caffe Londra, Nanis Catering, Filippo Berio, Winston Group, Fayers Plumbing and Building Supplies, Howdens Joinery Co, Ponti’s Italian Kitchen,Associazione Val d’Arda, Fantozzi Restaurant & Pizzeria, A.P.S Meats, City Landscapes Garden Maintenance, Cieffe Interior London Ltd, Associazione Parmigiani Valceno, Studio 2000 Ltd, Associazione Piacenza Insieme, Boffa’s, Carnevale, Delicatazza, Associazione Parmigiani Valtaro, Winston Group, Algebris Investments, AMS Group, La Porcellana, ACF Driving School,R. Proietti, XInt Catering, Papaya, Pini Franco LLP, London & Central Securities, The Mazzini Garibaldi Charitable Foundation, Associazione Amici di Casanova-Valceno Londra, Associazione Pellegrinesi, Ciao Bella Pasta & Pizza, Bar Remo Ristorante & Pizzeria, Associazione Parmense, Franchi plc, Zinco Italian Eateries, Tower Print/Design/Display, Essex Flour & Grain Company

A few words from Massimiliano Mazzanti, Consul General of Italy, who attended the games:-

“I am proud of you, young Italian, enthusiastic athletes: you represent the future of Italianism and the most valuable “living bridge” between Italy and UK. A future we shall all continue to invest in.”

Congratulations tutti!!

Peter Ciccone

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