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New Radio station for London Italians

London ONE radio is the new web radio for the Italians in London. 

It was founded by Philip Baglini, already director of the web magazine “L' Italoeuropeo”.

London ONE radio aims at promoting Italian culture and gives voice to the Italians who live in London and throughout the UK. Italian music plays also an important part together with the interviews to Italian artists performing in the UK.

The radio was created only a few months ago but it has already 2,084 listeners and 500 likes on FB. Hopefully the radio will become a reference point for Italians in London and those to come. Italian immigrants of all generations share the dream for a better future and the difficulty of starting a new life abroad from scratch. Sharing information and advice could really make the difference for the new generation immigrating to the UK and it could help to create a more realistic and less stereotyped image of the Italian culture.


There are many sections on air during the week, such as, “l' avvocato risponde”, (the lawyer answers) for legal consultations in the Italian language; “Creativity Talk” dedicated to creativity and culture from cinema to fashion; “Sapori di Londra”, starring young entrepreneurs in the restaurant industry and their start-ups; “Mamma ho preso l’aereo” – storie di italiani nel mondo” (mum I've taken the aeroplane – stories of Italians round the world) which gives voice to young people from 18 to 40 years of age, who left Italy and their reasons for doing so. 


The pride of the radio is definitely its original, non-commercial music. Young musical talents from around the world make this radio a great wealth of multiculturalism and innovation.


The radio can be listened to live or it is possible to download podcasts by connecting to the world platform speakers for radio. There are two show schedules, one in Italian and one in English, to strengthen relations between the Italians and the British. 


Many young British artists have already played their music for London ONE radio, as the radio aims also at introducing new talents. Among the young Italian artists who performed for London ONE radio there were Marco Mistichella, Cristiano Pucci, Jappa Dollar, Nick Hide, and Niven Smith, just to name a few.

The radio has already met many guests and interviewed a large number of famous people of the Italian community such as the Ambassador for Italy, The Mayor of Camden Town, Lazarus, De Gregori, the columnist of the Financial Times Ferdinando Giugliano, the Oscar winner Nicola Piovani, the space craft operations manager of the Rosetta' s Philae probe Andrea Accomazzo, the footballer Gianluca Vialli, and many others.  

Giulia Lombardo

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