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My life is a whirl - Confessions of a noughtie raver...

Confessions of a noughtie raver...

Music, strobe lights, glow sticks, comfy clothes and RAVERS...the main components to a monumental night.

They say the raves in the 70s and 80s could never be recreated, that nothing will compare, but even without having experienced what I call ‘peeeeeaace man, that’s rad’ raves, I can safely say a rave in the noughties would come pretty close.

I have, with help from some dedicated drum and bass fanatics, managed to unlock many secrets London has to offer in the underground rave scene and am currently working on Nottingham! This passion of ours has taken us to some of the most mind blowing places, transporting you to other dimensions where you can explore interesting people, ingenious music and a completely new kind of party.

These places become a home away from home, the raver’s become family and theres no turning back once you have the key to the wonders of this underground.

It all started in a small, quirky, hippie rave in London Bridge where I found myself debating whether to go in or just go home and get a kebab. Little did I know that decision would change my life forever. Once we got past the door man my mind was sent spiralling into hyper drive with how completely bizarre this place was, unlike anything I had ever experienced. There was incense, face paint, crazy outfits, a DJ with a massive sombrero and die hard raver’s as old as 65.

It was Whirl-Y-Gig, my new haunt, and it was at that point that I knew there was no turning back. The walls and ceiling are draped with circus like fabrics, the whole place bathed in rainbow lights rippling over the fabrics and a strong, loving spirit runs through everything. It is however the parachute dance which is what Whirl-y is infamous for and always the climax of my evenings there.

In this, you can hear the sound of dreamy music playing whilst all the guests (well, the ones who made it to 6.00) sit on the floor of the main room with a parachute held and waved to create ripples over head. With colourful lights and patterns projected and tired raver’s squeezed in wherever they can fit, it allows you some time to stop and consider all the madness from the night. Whirl-y is like no other, making it very difficult to describe and equally difficult to miss.

After we had found our bearings at Whirl-y, we started finding out about this secret, underground world, where the only similarity between the parties is that they are all so different. Next was a rave in Vauxhall, Planet, and is still one of my favourite places to this day. It truly is a different world, and turns everything you have ever known on its head.

This party plays music from psy-trance to drum n bass and break beats and will often have guest DJs which are sometimes the raver’s themselves; making this place a community rather than just a night club. As you walk through you will pass massive writing walls, play-dough, giant Jenga and connect 4, space hoppers, face paint and fruit platters being passed around.

What I love most about Planet is that you don’t need to know anyone there to have an incredible night because once you pass through the entrance to this magical world, everyone is family. We have celebrated many birthdays there which last time resulted in me standing on a table and everyone outside stopping anything they were doing and singing me happy birthday.

Planet is filled with memories and madness, it is where we have met best friends and been allowed to explore our passion for the music, the atmosphere and the people. Planet however is one of London’s best kept secrets, so I hope you can accept that I also wish to keep it this way and not reveal too much.

I trust that I have given you a big enough insight to this underground world I personally plan to be a part of forever, for you to go out, explore and discover your own secrets!

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