NEWS » Minister calls for army to be deployed to Naples to combat Mafia

Minister calls for army to be deployed to Naples to combat Mafia

According to the Italian interior minister, Angelino Alfano the Italian army should be deployed to Naples to combat an explosion of drug-related mafia violence. Sending troops to Naples would be a help for the police, allowing more officers to concentrate on fighting the mafia.

Alfano reported that everywhere else in Italy crimes are decreasing, but in Naples the number of murders are on the increase. He told La Repubblica that such a high demand for drugs has allowed the Camorra today to have a degree of power that it has never had before in its history.


There are more than 100 semi-independent clans within the Camorra, often at war with each other.


According to Isaia Sales, a former MP and now an academic specialising in the mafia in Italy Naples has become “the biggest drug-dealing space in Europe”.

An expert on organised crime said that the Camorra has never been stronger than it is now, and is second only in wealth and ruthlessness to the ‘Ndrangheta mafia of Calabria.

Since the start of the year there have been 10 murders in Naples because of the fights among the Clans within the Camorra over valuable drug-trading areas.

The Camorra, the criminal orgnization based in Naples and the surrounding region of Campania, is making tens of millions of euros a year from drug trafficking, extortion, prostitution and the illegal burning of toxic waste and is growing in strength.

There are growing fears that innocent people could be killed in shoot-outs in the narrow alleyways of Naples’ historic centre between mob gangsters, as well as in the council estates on the city’s periphery where the Camorra also use television satellite dishes for target practice.


There are already around 400 soldiers deployed throughout the city. In an initiative called “Safe Streets” they are protecting sensitive sites such as railway stations, the port, foreign consulates and court buildings.


Dozens of Camorra bosses have already been convicted and imprisoned by the authorities but unfortunately they are swiftly replaced by younger, and in some cases more violent criminals. 


The initiative of deploying the armed forces raised some criticism as according to many the city of Naples needs more jobs for young people, better schools and more recreational facilities, to keep bored youngsters out of the clutches of the Camorra.

Giulia Lombardo

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