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Mantua provides the best quality of life

Mantua, already the Italian cultural capital in 2016, has overtaken Trento as the Italian city with the best quality of life. Trento was on top of the chart since 2011. It was revealed by a research by “Italia oggi” and Rome university “La sapienza”.


Trento is now at the second place followed by Pordenone, while Bolzano drops from second to eighth position. Crotone, in the Calbria region, is in the last position preceded by Siracusa in the one hundred-fourth place. In the case of Crotone there are elements of discontinuity in relation to other southern-Italian cities, as the standard of living is acceptable and it is not let down by criminality. What brings the city down seems to be lack of business activities, work, the social and personal unease, environment, financial and education services, healthcare, and low quality free time activities. The penultimate city in the list before Crotone is the Sicilian city of Syracuse.


A significant fact this year was the dramatic fall in life quality in big cities, with the exception of Turin which improved its ranking by 6 positions. Naples and Milan have lost respectively 7 and 5 positions. Rome has dropped by 19 positions in 2015, 31 if compared to 2014. The quality of life in Rome is now considered insufficient. The capital has fallen from sixty-ninth place in 2015 to eightieth in 2016. Considering criminality it is at the one hundred-sixth place for safety, and considering social distress Rome dropped from forty-second to fiftieth place in the last year.


The north-east and the centre of Italy have managed to cope better with the effects of the crisis, whereas the north-west and the south, in particular the islands, have been a hit much harder.


Mantua has become Italian Capital of Culture in 2016. In 2017, Mantua will also be European Capital of Gastronomy, included in the Eastern Lombardy District (together with the cities of Bergamo, Brescia and Cremona).


In 2007, Mantua's centro storico (old town) and the town of Sabbioneta were declared by UNESCO to be a World Heritage Site. Mantua become one of the main artistic, cultural, and especially musical hubs of Italy under the influence of the Gonzaga family (1308-1708). The city is known for its architectural treasures and artefacts but also for its elegant medieval and renaissance palaces. The composer Monteverdi premiered his opera L'Orfeo in Manua. in Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet, Romeo was banished to Mantua. The Roman poet Virgil was born in the surroundings of the city. 

Giulia Lombardo

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