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Lucio Dalla RIP

A piece of Italian music history has passed away. Last week the singer and song writer Lucio Dalla died of a heart attack at the age of 68 while on tour in Switzerland.

Fragments of some of his most famous songs from “Caruso”, to “L’ anno che verrà”, are enough to bring back to the memory the music and the words which accompanied at least 3 generations.

The singer’s funeral has been held on the day of his birthday, the 4th of March in Bologna, his home town. Tens of thousands of mourners attended the funeral in Bologna, which declared a day of mourning.

More than 50,000 people visited Lucio Dalla’s coffin while some of his most famous blues and folk songs were being played in the hall.

However, many polemics have been raised by the gay associations (Dalla never declared his homosexuality in public but had a male partner for many years) because the Catholic Church had not allowed any of Dalla’s songs to be played during the funeral despite many requests.

Dalla began his career as a clarinet player at an early age, in a jazz band in Bologna , and became member of a local jazz band called “Rheno Dixieland Band“, together with the future film director Pupi Avati .

His first hit was “4 Marzo 1943”, which achieved some success due to the Sanremo Festival .

The Bolognese poet Roberto Roversi wrote the lyrics to Dalla’s next three albums, “Il giorno aveva cinque teste” (“The Day Had Five Heads”) (1973), “Anidride solforosa” (1975) and “Automobili” (“Automobiles”) (1976).

From the next album, “Com'è profondo il mare” (1977), Dalla started to write his songs by himself. The title track was a hit called “Quale allegria”. In 1979, his popularity was increased with the success of the “Banana Republic” tour and album of 1979, together with singer-songwriter Francesco De Gregori , his band, and his friend Ron. The hit single “Attenti al Lupo” (1990) gave him wider success in Europe. His international recognition was then confirmed by his invitation to singing his own hit “Caruso” with Pavarotti in occasion of “Pavarotti and friends”.

Lucio Dalla’s albums:

• 1999 (1966)

• Terra di Gaibola (1970)

Storie di casa mia (1970)

Il giorno aveva cinque teste (1973)

Quel fenomeno di Lucio Dalla (1973)

L'album di... Lucio Dalla (1974)

Anidride solforosa (1975)

Automobili (1976)

4 Marzo 1943 (1976)

Come è profondo il mare (1977)

Lucio Dalla (1979)

Banana Republic (1979, with Francesco De Gregori and Ron )

Dalla (1980)

Lucio Dalla (Q Disc) (1981)

Torino, Milano e dintorni (1981)

Gli anni Settanta (1981)

1983 (1983)

Viaggi organizzati (1984)

Bugie (1985)

• The best of Lucio Dalla (1985)

DallameriCaruso (1986)

Dalla/Morandi (1988)

Cambio (1990)

Il motore del 2000 (1990)

Il primo Lucio Dalla (1990)

Amen (1992)

Henna (1993)

Maria Farantouri sings Lucio Dalla (1995,with Maria Farantouri )

• Le origini (1996)

• Canzoni (1996)

• Ciao (1999)

• Luna Matana (2001)

• Live@RTSI – 20 dicembre 1978 (2001)

• Dal vivo – Bologna 2 settembre 1974 (2001)

• Caro amico ti scrivo... (Best of) (2002)

• Tosca. Amore disperato (2003)

• Lucio (2003)

• 12000 Lune (Best of/Box Set) (2003)

• Il contrario di me (2007)

• Angoli nel cielo (2010)

• Questo è amore (2011)

Giulia Lombardo

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