NEWS » London the biggest Italian City after Rome, Milan, Turin and Naples?

London the biggest Italian City after Rome, Milan, Turin and Naples?

Once London had its “Little Italy” but now there is nothing little about it!


According to the Italian Consulate London has exceeded Buenos Aires becoming the foreign city with the highest number of Italian immigrants in the world. There are at least two hundered and fifty  thousand Italians residing in London and in the south of the UK.

The area known as “Little Italy” covered north and south of Clerkenwell Road. 

By 1850 there were over 1,000 Italians in the area. Now there isn't any more an Italian community living in Clerkenwell but Italians are in almost every neighbourhood in London, and Italian immigration in the UK is experiencing an annual growth of around 60%.

According to the Consulate the number of Italians in the UK is even higher as for every Italian officially registered there might be some living and working in London without having officially changed their country of residence. Therefore, the London Italians might be double the number of the official figures: that is about half a million people. Such a large community would be the biggest Italian city after Rome, Milan, Turin and Naples.

Wherever you go in London you can meet Italians and hear Italian spoken. They are in every neighbourhood, in all professions, in all crafts as it is confirmed by the large quantity of websites, blogs and initiatives in the social networks, created by Italians and Anglo-Italians living in London. 

Italians have also left their trade mark in the architecture of London. The tallest skyscraper in the city (and the highest in Europe), the Shard, was designed by Renzo Piano.


Italians top many other professional fields in London. Just to mention some famous Italians we can think of Gabriele Finaldi, director of the National Gallery, and music director of the Royal Opera, and Antonio Pappano, both born to Italian parents. High-profile examples of Italy’s new reputation for technological innovation are Vodafone CEO Vittorio Colao and the founder of games company King (makers of Candy Crush) Riccardo Zacconi. 


As pointed out by the Italian Foreign Minster Franceschini. There are more than 3,000 Italian doctors, nurses, architects, lawyers, brokers, bankers and shop assistants and also academics at the top universities. Italians work in any activity in today’s London.


Italians are attracted by London's strong economy, opportunities, diversity and dynamism and are very well welcomed by the British people.  

Giulia Lombardo

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