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Kebab threat to Italian Cuisine

Is Kebab threatening Italian cuisine? A recent boom in kebab shops affected some Italian cities spreading concern about protecting Italian cultural and culinary heritage.  

Verona's Mayor Flavio Tosi, originally member of the far-right Northern League party, introduced a rule prohibiting the opening of any new restaurants offering mostly "ethnic" or “deep-fried food” in the city.

The provision was introduced to preserve the decorum of the city and the historic and architectural patrimony of the centre, but also to protect the  typical food of the Verona territory.


The city of Verona is famous for its stunning Roman amphitheatre designated on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It was also the city Shakespeare chose to tell the story of Romeo and Juliet famous all over the world.


The city of Verona isn't the only one to be affected by the increasing number of   take away and fast food restaurants which tend to irritate the Local residents who consider the trinket shops to be a degradation for their city.


There are only six official mosques in the country but hundreds of unofficial places of Islamic worship. A regional law in Lombardy regulating religious buildings, which made it harder to construct mosques has been nullified by Italy’s highest court. According to this regulation, drawn up by the anti-immigrant Northern League party in 2015, all places of worship should have fitted into the local architectural landscape and could have welcomed only religions recognised by the state.

In Venice restrictions are being considered to limit mini-markets, trinket shops, money transfer points and internet call centres, many of which are often run by Chinese or Muslim immigrants and are on the increase in recent years. 


In January, Florence made harsh new regulations on the location of mini markets, fast food establishments, money change points, internet and phone call centres, bookmakers and massage centres.


According to Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro cheap souvenirs of dubious provenance are contributing to the “Disneyfication” of the city. Venice will consider new commercial regulations like those recently adopted in Florence’s historical centre.


Giulia Lombardo

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