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It's time to go to the beach - Bandiera blu 2015 rankings

It’s time to go to the beach! Bandiera blu, as every year, has issued its annual report on the the cleanest shores in Italy.

147 Italian coasts have been awarded the “Bandiera blu 2015”, the international recognition granted by the foundation for environmental education (Fee).

Liguria ranks at the top with 23 sea localities, followed by Tuscany with 18 and Marche with 17. Campania is at the 4th place with 14 blue flags followed by Puglia, with 11 coastal areas.

The good news is that “green” beaches are on the increase this year. There are 7 more shores in the list and 11 new entries. Unfortunately four localities have lost the title.

Liguria has three new localities awarded and Campania and Puglia have a new one each. Veneto and Lazio have also a new entry each, both having now 8 flags. Abruzzo lost two flags and has now 8, while Emilia Romagna continues to have 9.

Sardinia has 8 localies, having been awarded two more, and Sicily lost two having now 5, because the loss was compensated by a new entry. Calabria keeps its 4 flags, Molise confirmed the three flags of last year, Friuli Venezia Giulia confirms two flags from last year and also Basilicata kept its one flag.

This is all good news but according to the “EU’s annual bathing water quality report”, 105 Italian beaches in 2014 had high levels of E coli and intestinal enterococci, which can cause vomiting and diarrhoea.

These beaches include Cicala beach on the east coast of Sicily and Monterosso Al Mare beach in the Cinque Terre region on the west coast, which “Trivago”, the travel website, had judged to be one of the country’s top 10 beaches.

Less than 2% of the total number of bathing sites in Europe were assessed as having poor bathing water quality.

The highest numbers of bathing sites with poor water quality were found in Italy (107 bathing sites, 2%), France (105 bathing sites, 3%) and Spain (67 bathing sites, 3%).

Giulia Lombardo

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