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Italy's Green Economy

The green economy is the best answer to the crisis and a challenge for the future. This was demonstrated by the numbers of “GreenItaly 2017”, the eighth report on Italian green economy by Fondazione Symbola and Unioncamere.

The annual report takes stock of the environmental commitment of Italian manufacturing. The document evaluates the strength of the national green economy and highlights how more than one in four companies, since the beginning of the crisis, have bet on the green economy.

In Italy there are 355 thousand industries and service companies, that is, 27.1% of the total, that have invested, or will do this year, in green technologies to reduce the environmental impact, save energy and contain CO2 emissions. A share that rises to 33.8% in the manufacturing industry, where the green orientation is confirmed as a strategic driver for Made in Italy, accounting for greater competitiveness, growth in exports, turnover and employment. Green economy has already produced 2 million 972 thousand green jobs, that is, jobs that apply environmental skills. A figure that corresponds to 13.1% of the total national employment, destined to rise again by December. Furthermore, this year green economy will produce 320,000 green jobs, and considering also other jobs for which green skills are required, there will be another 863 thousand people employed in the sector.

Together with employment, the green economy also creates wealth: the almost 3 million Italian green jobs contribute to the formation of 195.8 billion euro of added value.

The companies of green Italy, especially in manufacturing, are the ones that innovate the most, grow more and export more: in 2016, 49% of the medium-sized manufacturing companies investing green have increased exports, compared to 33% of those that do not invest in the green economy.

Furthermore, the Italian economy boasts many firsts in environmental performance. For energy consumption, from 16.6 tonnes of oil equivalent per million euro in 2008, Italy came down to 13.7. Great Britain consumes 8.3, France 14.4, Spain 15 and Germany less than 18. Italy is also very good at reducing waste. With 41.7 tons for every million euros produced (3 less than in 2008) Italy is the most efficient in Europe, again much better than Germany which produces 65.5 tons.

Giulia Lombardo

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