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Pizza popularity - but is it the real thing?

Pizza has become one of the favourite foods around the world. As reported by “The Guardian”, weekly consumption of chips, pizza, crisps and ready meals has soared in the last years in the UK but in recent times there have been also moves towards healthier diets. For example low calories soft drinks have become popular, along with skimmed milk and the increasing consumption of fresh fruit. Adults in the UK now eat an average of 75g of pizza every week compared with none in 1974, while the consumption of pasta has almost tripled over the same period. Unfortunately when we talk about pizza we often refer to the frozen of fast food product and not to the original fresh Italian one. Pizza is often associated with junk food but there is nothing unhealthy in it if it's made with the original ingredients, respecting its traditional making.


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Woman faces trial in Italy for being a bad housewife

The Telegraph reports that an Italian woman faces trial for failing to clean the marital home and refusing to cook for her husband.


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Ryanair Cutting Back In Italy due to Italian Taxation?

Is Italian tourism threatened by taxation? Italians always complain of the country's very high taxation, which is now discouraging foreign companies such as Ryanair from operating in the country. The Italian government this year raised departure taxes by 40 percent, that is to 9 euros per passenger from 6.50 euros, to help subsidise lay-offs of the former flag carrier Alitalia, as a consequence Ryanair has announced that it will cut 16 routes and 600 jobs in Italy


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Major global report states Italy is one of Europe's most corrupt countries

A major global report by Transparency International states that Italy is one of Europe's most corrupt countries. Corruption costs Italy €60 billion, four percent of its GDP according to the Italian Court of Auditors, but things have improved since last year. The report included 174 countries and Italy came 61st together with Senegal, Montenegro and South Africa, but things became better in the last year as Italy climbed up in the ranking by eight places.


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Ancient statues covered during Rome visit by Iran's President

Polemics arose in Italy regarding the covering of ancient statues during the visit of the Iranian president in Rome. The Italian president, Matteo Renzi and the Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani met at the Capitoline Museum for a joint press conference. The meeting was part of the Iranian president Hassan Rouhani state visit in Rome to discuss various international business deals, after economic sanctions against Iran were lifted. To welcome the Iranian president the nude statues on view in the museum had been encased in white boxes, reportedly to avoid offending the Iranian president. This initiative has been widely criticised by the press.


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Minister calls for army to be deployed to Naples to combat Mafia

According to the Italian interior minister, Angelino Alfano the Italian army should be deployed to Naples to combat an explosion of drug-related mafia violence. Sending troops to Naples would be a help for the police, allowing more officers to concentrate on fighting the mafia. Alfano reported that everywhere else in Italy crimes are decreasing, but in Naples the number of murders are on the increase. He told La Repubblica that such a high demand for drugs has allowed the Camorra today to have a degree of power that it has never had before in its history.


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Scientists under investigation for Olive Grove crisis

Nine scientists and the public official in charge of containing the epidemic of the Xylella bacterium, ravaging the groves across the Puglia region, are under investigation for a possible role in enabling an outbreak of the disease affecting olive trees.


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Italy moving away from austerity?

Italy, the country with the second highest debt in the eurozone after Greece, has moved away from austerity with a series of economic reforms designed to boost growth. Matteo Renzi's government approved the 2016 budget, containing measures aimed at encouraging growth by easing the heavy tax burden on Italians. Around €30 billion will be spent on measures aimed at reviving investments after a dangerous fall during the crisis. Taxes on primary residences worth 3.6 billion euros, as well as levies on municipal services and farm buildings, will be cut. Companies that buy new machinery will also benefit of tax credits. Reductions to the high social-security levies, that make Italy’s labour costs one of the highest in Europe, will also be extended for another year.


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Record boom in food exports from Italy

The new year starts with great satisfaction for the made in Italy food products. In spite of the economical crisis and the embargo to Russia, which eliminates a big market, Christmas 2015 saw a record boom of Italian food exportation. Italian products triumphed on foreign tables during the holidays thanks to exports of wines, sparkling wines, brandy and liqueurs, panettone, cheeses, and pasta.


24-Dec-15 12:17. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (533)

600 attend Growing Up Italian in the UK Christmas Party

There was a massive attendance for the the Christmas party and the Bazaar organised by the Facebook group “Growing up Italian in the UK” on the 6h December 2015 at Villa Scalabrini. The event was packed as 600 people came from all over the UK as far away as from Manchester. Thanks to people's generosity over 3000 pounds were raised for Villa Scalabrini. It was a great success for the first gathering event of the “Growing up Italian in the UK” Facebook group, and it left everyone looking forward to the next chance to meet again.


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