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31-May-17 13:06. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (1)

Italy is giving away castles, inns and farmhouses!

If you’ve always dreamt of living in an Italian castle, this is your chance! Italy is giving away on a 9-year free lease 103 castles, towers, inns and farmhouses. However, all that glitters is not gold! To get hold of the luxury properties it’s necessary to turn them into tourism facilities, such as hotels, restaurants or care centres, leisure centres, training centres, artisan shops, Spas or medical care centres, to meet the needs of tourists, pilgrims and cyclists.


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2,000 Euro incentive to move to Bormida

The mayor of an Italian mountain village in Liguria is offering a bonus of €2,000 (£1,700) to anyone willing to move there, to boost its dwindling population of only 394 inhabitants. Daniele Galliano, mayor, of Bormida, the rural municipality in the mountainous Liguria region, posted an advertisement on Facebook seeking new inhabitants for his village. What makes the ad attractive, on top of the €2,000, is that the mayor is offering to newcomers a rent of just €50 (£40) a month for small properties, and €120 (£101) per month for bigger properties. The post had prompted international responses of people willing to relocate from the UK, US, Brazil, and Uganda, and in just two days reached its population target. However, the mayor specified that it was still only a proposal, which must be approved by the municipal council.


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2,000 Euro fines for smelly cooking?

Be careful if you cook in Italy! Not only quality standards are very high in the “Bel paese” but also the smell of food must be kept under control or you risk to be fined up to 2000 euros. Italy's supreme court has recently ruled that bad cooking odours constitute a crime.


12-May-17 16:28. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (2)

Trump declares war - on the Vespa?

"Trump declares war on the Vespa", said a headline in the national Italian daily “Il Messaggero”. The vespa, a symbol of the “made in Italy” since the year of the film “La dolce Vita”, might become one of the first European brands to be affected by Donald Trump's protectionism.


12-May-17 16:26. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (2)

Progress against corruption?

Corruption is still a major problem for Italian companies. The 2017 survey conducted by EY entitled “Human instinct vs Machine logic: Which do you trust most in the fight against fraud and corruption?” showed that 71% of Italians consider corruption a core problem, but it is on its way to improvement. According to the survey businesses are worldwide operating in an increasingly uncertain climate because of rapid political, regulatory and economic changes.


07-Apr-17 15:40. By Michael Capocci | Comments (2)

Doctor Who, Status Quo, Lady Gaga and Picinisco linked?

Picinisco, a village in Lazio, is celebrating its 1000 year this year. Some Backhill readers will be descendants of families who first emigrated to the Uk in the late eighteen hundreds. What do a small village in the mountains of Central Italy, King Canute , Edinburgh in Scotland ,Winsor Ontario and Doctor Who have in in common ? King Canute came to the English throne in May 1017. He was the English monarch who famously tried to order the tide to retreat and almost drown himself because of his obstinacy This date is shared by the village of Picinisco which also celebrates its millennium this year.


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Italian Men should prefer Eastern European Women TV Uproar

Do Italian men prefer Eastern European women? According to a TV programme, broadcast by RAI/Uno (the Italian state owned television), Italian men should date Eastern European women for at least 6 good reasons. The graphic, “The threat comes from East”, introduced the show questioning whether Eastern European women were the ideal wives because they submit to men. The programme was immediately taken off the air after harsh protests on social media. The programme suggested that Eastern European women were better than Italian women because, among other reasons, they are "always sexy" and "are perfect housewives". The controversial programme was the afternoon show "Let's talk about it on Saturday", in Italian "Parliamone Sabato", hosted by Paola Perego. A group of celebrities discussed reasons why Italian men preferred dating Eastern European women.


14-Mar-17 13:15. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (3)

Italy sinking - literally?

A study by the Laboratory of Climate Modelling and the journal Quaternary Science Reviews revealed that the Italian coasts will change over the next 80 years due to the rising of the see level. However, Italy could be completely submerged by the end of the century with 5,500 square kilometres of coastal plains ending up under water. The Laboratory of Climate Modelling and the journal Quaternary Science Reviews studied four sensitive areas of the Italian peninsula which will feel the impact of rising sea level. They are, the North Adriatic, the Gulf of Taranto, the Gulf of Oristano and the Gulf of Cagliari. Some areas are already close to or below the sea level.


14-Mar-17 13:13. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (1)

5.5% decline in average price of Italian Houses

It might be the right time to buy a property in Italy. In 2016 the average prices of Italian houses declined by 5.5%. The last 8 years of economical crisis have influenced the real estate market in Italy, causing a significant fall in Real estate property values. Average prices have dropped by 30%, with suburban and less-appealing locations being more affected (down 50%). Therefore, over the last two years, interest in real estate purchases has been renewed, leading to more transactions and mortgage applications.


14-Mar-17 13:11. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (3)

Palermo to be Italy's Capital of Culture 2018

Palermo, the capital city of Sicily, has been chosen to be the Italian capital of culture 2018. The decision was made by a jury appointed by the Culture Ministry.


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