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Backhill June News Round Up

Fuel prices soar in Italy, Oxford University degree for President Giorgio Napolitano, 6th century fresco of Saint Paul discovered at the Vatican, Venice's elite beaches now open to all and only in Italy - Sicilians have baffled the world by announcing their digital clocks and watches run faster than everyone else's!


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New London Memorial for Arandora Star victims

The proposed memorial to the London Italian Casualties of the Arandora Star is to be at St Peter's Church which will have the full list of name of the London Italians. The official list has some dubious spellings as we have indicated in the column ‘possible errors. As we do not want any spelling mistakes of names or omit someone who should be listed, we are inviting anyone whose Father / Grandfather / Great Grandfather to contact us. You may email us just to confirm that your loved one listed. We will use this list even if no one contacts us, we may use the amended name in the 2nd column.


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News from Italy

News from italy you may have missed: Baby boom boosted by Immgrants, Blast kills soldier in UN attack, Real Mona Lisa discovered?, Marriage annulled after wife thought about cheating!and Benigni in line for Woody role


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Learning Italian

Want your children to learn about Italian culture and have Italian language tuition? Presidente of Coasit Francis Giacon outlines how some 3,000 young people from Arnos Grove to Bath, from Brighton to Wellingborough are supported by the Italian Government and Coasit and the challenges Coasit now faces


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Italy Beaches to become more expensive

Summer is coming, it's time to start booking for the Summer holidays, especially if one is planning to go to Italy. If you want to roast yourself on the Italian beach it may cost you more. In the next few years the Italian coasts might get almost completely privatised, therefore tourists and residents will have to pay for access to the beach. This is what emerges from the article 5 of the new “Decreto sviluppo” recently approved by the Council of Ministers.


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“Noi credevamo”, the movie on the Italian unification awarded with the “David di Donatello”

In the year of celebrations for the 150th anniversary of Italian unification, the academy of Italian cinema prized “Noi credevamo” by Mario Martone with the “David di Donatello”, the most prestigious Italian film award. The prize honours the best of each year’s Italian and foreign motion picture production, following the example of the Oscars. This year at the 68th edition of the “Mostra cinematografica di Venezia” Mario Martone will also receive the “Leone d'oro alla carriera”, the most prestigious overall prize for a director's career.


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Pope's beatification

Karol Woityla, John Paul II, has been proclaimed benedicted 6 and a half years after his death. On Sunday the first of May in piazza San Pietro, Benedetto XVI, John Paul II's successor read the latin formula which includes the Polish Pope among the blessed. It was the first time after one thousand years that the current Pope proclamed blessed his predecessor. The crowd rejoiced at the announcement of the beatification of their beloved Pope, surely one of the most admired and respected in the Church's history, even though adversed by some people for his policy reguarding abortion, femail priesthood and euthanasia.


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Nanni Moretti's Habemus Papam film

Habemus Papam! (We Have a Pope!) the announcement given in Latin by the senior Cardinal Deacon (the Cardinal Proto-Deacon) upon the election of a new pope, is the title of Nanni Moretti’s new film. The movie released in Italy just a few days before Easter is in 500 cinemas, it has already been under the spotlight for its very controversial themes: the election of the pope, interpreted by Michel Piccoli as a stress-racked man, who sees a psychiatrist (performed by Nanni Moretti) and eventually resigns his position.


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Caterina Soffici Ma Le donne no

Italy is the most chauvinist country in Europe? 81 minutes and a half is the daily total amount of spare time that Italian men have more than women. As far as Caterina Soffici’s book “Ma le donne no” is concerned, Italy is the most chauvinist country in Europe. The book, published by Feltrinelli on February 2010 is already a best seller. “Ma le donne no” has been reprinted already 4 times, generating increasing interest abroad.


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Padre Vico Marathon

With the London Marathon upon us once more Backhill recalls how Padre Alberto raised over £17,000 in 1987 for Villa Scalabrini when completing the London Marathon in 4 hrs and 40 seconds - an incredible feat for a man who was 58 years old at the time


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