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Venice Film festival: Terraferma

The 68th edition of the Venice Film Festival presented “Terraferma” the new film of Emanuele Crialese, already acclaimed author of “Respiro”, awarded with the Critic’s week Gran Prize at Cannes 2002, the poetic and allegorical story of a psychological instable mother living on the island of Lampedusa. Crialese is also author of “Nuovo Mondo” (The Golden Door) the story of the migration of an Italian family to New York during the beginning of the 20th century.


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Italian Cinema and the 150th anniversary of the unification

The celebrations for the 150 years of Italian unification are still going on all through 2011. On the 19th and 20th of September The Italian cultural institute is going to host a conference on Italian Cinema. The event will celebrate the talent of illustrious Italian film directors from the second half of the previous century, such as Luchino Visconti and Francesco Rosi. Among the special guests: the renowned actor Fabrizio Gifuni and Massimo Troisi’s scriptwriter Anna Pavignano, as well as many contributions by experts from the University of Salerno. The second conference day will be dedicated to the cinema of the Campania region with a special focus on the actor Massimo Troisi and the Neapolitan director Francesco Rosi. The conference starts on Monday the 19th of September at 4 o’clock.


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The Italian ladies committee (CDI)

Giulia Lombardo repors on the history of "The Italian Ladies Committe (CDI) which was originally formed in January 1984. Since formation the committeee has raised many thousands of pounds through numerous fundraising events.


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Joe Napoletano

News has reached Backhill that, sadly, Joe Napoletano has passed away after a long illness. Joe will be missed by his family and their friends many of whom who knew Joe through his involvement with the Mazzini Garibaldi Club. The funeral mass will be at St Peters on Thursday 8th September at 10.00.


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The Our Lady of Mount Carmel procession

The annual Pocession in honour of “Santa Maria del Monte Carmelo” has been celebrated on Sunday the 17th of July. Thousands of people gathered around St peter’s Italian church and followed the procession which swung around the perimeter of the Church. People came from different parts of Italy and the UK for this special event. Walking along the streets around the church there were coaches coming from Woking, Luton, Birmingham, Manchester and Enfield. As every year a big sagra accompanied the procession. Many stalls were selling typical regional Italian food such as porchetta, arancini, pizza and cannoli, together with Italian wine and cheese while the notes of “Ti amo” by Umberto Tozzi and other famous Italian songs were helping to set up the Italian atmosphere.


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News from Italy you might have missed

The number of marraiages fall, Vucininc signs new Juve deal, lightening kills grieving brother, Angry Bunga Bunga app launced and more - Fiona Ford compiles a mixture of news from Italy.


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Giacomo and Ida Bellini - a love story

After more than 60 years of marriage Giacomo (94) and Ida (90) passed away within 15 hours of each other earlier this month (w.c 8th August 2011) - a real love story! Funeral masses will be 7.00pm at St Peters on Monday 22nd August, 12.15 at St Peters on Tuesday 23rd August followed by a cremation at Golders Green Crematorium at 2.00.


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The best Italian beaches according to “Bandiera blu”

It’s time to go on holiday! Thinking about the ideal vacation, most of us would think of a wonderful beach and transparent water. To help us find the best place to go on holiday and support environmental awareness, The “Bandiara blu association” has published, as every year, the chart list of the cleanest sea-side zones in Italy. The quality of 233 Italian lidos have been certified this year, two more in comparison to last year. “La Bandiera Blu” has an international recognition, established in 1987 and assigned every year in 41 nations.


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Useful Websites for Anglo-Italian Mums

Motherhood can sometimes set unexpected challenges. Most of the time it is helpful and comforting to know that other women are going through similar experiences and face the same problems. So why not share your ideas and maybe meet together with the kids in an Anglo-Italian environment? For all the Anglo-Italian mums there is a very useful website to find out information and exchange experience on Italian mums’ London life.


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Region in Focus - Piacenza

Palaces,galleries,gardens,Giorgio Armani,Filippo Inzaghi,Giuseppe Merosi,Giorgia Bronzini,Ettore Tedeschi,Bar Italia - Backhill reporter Fiona Ford spotlights Piacenza


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