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28-Nov-11 11:39. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (4)

The new economic measures of Monti's government

The new government is speeding up to present its new economic measures at the European Union council on the 8th of December. To balance its budget, the government is ready to launch a corrective action of the public accounts for 30 billion in 2 years. The decree of public accounts will be ready by next week for the European council of the 8th of December to make it effective from the beginning of the new year. Monti wants to present a well balanced group of measures to close the gap of public accounts, with the revision of the tax burden on real estate, the reintroduction of ICI (a council tax on property on the house of residence) and the revaluation of real value of the house, if not, with some other form of taxation on capital, and asset disposals. Monti also speaks about a reform of professional associations to help the economic growth. However, the complicated reform includes very painful cuts to the pension system and to the social assistance. From September 2012 there will be cuts to the tax benefits (5 percent in 2012 and 20 percent from 2013).


21-Nov-11 18:04. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (1)

Mario Monti's emergency government

An incredulous and shaken up Italy has welcomed the new emergency government of Mario Monti. After Berlusconi’s resignation, Italians have breathed a sigh of relief and started to hope for a better future for the country. Many greeted the presence of a new, competent and clean face in power with joy. However, in most of the main Italian cities students and trade unions have protested against the banks and the measures taken in face of the financial crisis. They also defined the new government “the government of the bankers” because most of its representatives have connections with the financial sector.


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Italy to approve The Austerity Law?

Italy in crisis? Right now, Italy is facing one of the most difficult times in its history. The future of the country seems now to be dependent on the approval of The Austerity Law. Public expenditure cuts, raising of the pension age to 67, higher fuel duties, sales of public properties and land - these are some of the measures within the, yet to be approved, Austerity Law.


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Survey on 3 generations of London Italians

A BackhillOnline reader is conducting a survey on 3 generations of Italian immigrants in London. If you can, please spend a few minutes to complete the online survey at


31-Oct-11 17:41. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (50)

The Anglo Italian Family History Society

Find out more about the Anglo-Italian family history society. For those who want to know more about their Italian origins The Anglo-Italian family history society, founded in 2002, helps anyone who wants to trace their Italian ancestry in the United Kingdom and in Italy. The society works on a mutual help base. The Anglo-Italian family history society can help you by pointing you in the right direction to research UK and Italian records, suggesting books, websites, providing shortcuts and sometimes even putting you in touch with someone who is researching the same family name.


19-Oct-11 15:52. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (13)

Peter Mario Restaurant

Memories come flooding back as Backhill writer Giulia Lombardo interviews Fred and Tina Rizzi, both very active contributors to, and participants of, the Anglo Itlaian London Community. Giulia reports on the story of The Rizzi family and Peter Mario Restaurant.


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Associazione Pellegrinesi Dinner Dance

Over 350 people attended the Associazione Pellegrinesi Dinner Dance held at Bishop Douglass School, Finchley, on Saturday 15th October 2011. Giulia Lombardo caught up with Luigi Sidoli, a Trustee of the Association


30-Sep-11 17:49. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (57)

Whatever happened to... The Italian Hospital

The Italian medical charity The Italian Hospital Fund (currently named Italian Medical Charity) since its formation in the 90’s has made grants to over 2000 separate cases to those needing financial help dealing with their medical problems. The fund was set up after the Italian hospital, founded in 1884 by Giovanni Ortelli, a generous successful businessman, was sold, because it was no longer financially viable, in 1990 to Great Ormond Street Hospital. All the trustees are volunteers and they all have Italian origins. Backhillonline met Anna Giacon and Peter Capella, two of the trustees of the Italian Medical Charity.


20-Sep-11 15:42. By Peter Ciccone | Comments (1)

Italy Qualify for Euro 2012

Azzurri now one of the favourites for the European Championships 2012 After the poor Italian performance at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa , Italy has already qualified for the 2012 European Championships with two qualifying games to go and with an impressive tally of 22 points from 8 games with only one goal conceded. The Azzuri qualified for next summer's European Championships with a 1-0 victory over Slovenia. New coach Cesare Prandelli has certainly delivered the results using 32 players so far of which only 14 were in the final 2010 World Cup squad.


09-Sep-11 16:50. By Giulia Lombardo and Michael Coffey | Comments (29)

Backhillonline interviews Michael Coffey Trustee of the St. Peter’s Project

Backhillonline interviews Michael Coffey trustee of the St. Peter’s Project, a point of reference and help for all the Italians who find themselves in difficulty in the huge, exciting but sometimes unfriendly London. The project was started by Padre Carmelo di Giovanni in the St Peter’s church presbytery in the 70’s. In the 70’s and in the 80’s, as Michael Coffey (who joined the project in 2006), told us, many Italians came to London, some of them couldn’t speak English and didn’t find a job. A consistent number of them started taking drugs, or were drug addicted already, and some contracted Hiv/Aids.


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