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01-May-12 13:31. By Peter Ciccone/Victor Menozzi | Comments (0)

Arandora Star London Fundraiser Dinner Dance

Power failures and dinner by mobile phone powered lights couldn't dampen a great night which raised £2,850 towards the cost of the new Arandora Star Memorial in London. The event was organised by The Associazione Valceno, the guest of honour was The Italian Consol Umberto Vanni d'Archirafi and The Arandora Star Trustees are very grateful to Adriano Morini, Tony Franchi and all the comittee of the Associazone Valceno for all their hard work.


01-May-12 13:03. By Peter Ciccone | Comments (1)

Invincible Juve?

With 3 games to go Juventus could become the third side to go through a whole season undefeated in Serie A and the first to do so over a 38 game campaign. AC Milan in 1991/92 and Perugia (who failed to become Champions) in 1978/79 have previously gone unbeaten throughout a season. Lecce, Atalanta and Cagliari are the remaining opponents as Juve, with a 3 point lead over AC Milan, seek to clinch the Scudetto.


20-Apr-12 17:16. By Giulia Lombardo and Francesca Timanti | Comments (0)

100th birthday celebration for Villa Scalabrini Resident

On Tuesday the 17th of April Katerina Ferrigno, Known also as kay Ferrigno, celebrated her 100th birthday at Villa Scalabrini. On this special day Kay received the Queen’s congratulations and shared an Italian cake with her family, friends, and the helpers of Villa Scalabrini. Roberta Vanni D’archirafi, wife of the consul and member of “Il circolo” was also present at the birthday party.


16-Apr-12 10:34. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (5)

Are Italians the biggest gamblers in Europe?

According to a study of “Libera, associazione antimafia”, Italy has the biggest gambling turnover in Europe, amounting to over 76 billion euro a year legally, plus 10 billion euro illegally.


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Italy ranked 74 in terms of gender equality

Italian decision-makers have been told they need to get more women into the workplace by voices from the International Monetary Fund to Mario Draghi, governor of the European Central Bank and former head of the Bank of Italy. The employment rate of women in Italy is 46 per cent, the lowest in the European Union after Malta. In terms of gender equality, Italy ranks 74th, below Bangladesh, according to the World Economic Forum’s 2011 Global Gender Gap report. In the upper echelons, the split is even starker. Men make up 92 per cent of the boards of Italian companies, according to the national statistics office.


03-Apr-12 17:57. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (10)

Ryanair the most popular airline in Italy?

“Ryanair” has become the biggest airline company in Italy! In the last year the Irish company has overtaken “Alitalia” with 28 million passengers in 2011, against the 25 million of Alitalia. However, Alitalia is poised to bolster its position in its home market through the planned acquisition of smaller Italian carriers Wind Jet and Blue Panorama. If the recently announced deals are completed, Alitalia stands to increase its total market share to about 27%, cementing its position as Italy’s leading passenger carrier. The acquisitions will also result in increased low-cost competition in Italy as Alitalia expands its presence in the budget sector through the new subsidiary companies.


23-Mar-12 14:28. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (8)

Obesity an Italian problem too!

Difficult to believe, but, despite the good Mediterranean diet, obesity is also an Italian problem! According to the last survey of the “Scuola superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa” there are about 5 million obese adults in Italy, which means 5% of the overall Italian population. The consequences are not only bad for the individuals but also for the public expenditure with 6,7% of public money (8,3 billions of Euro) spent to deal with the problem. Moreover, things are supposed to get worse in the next few years and, these numbers are bound to grow. In 2025, 43% of the population (20 million of Italians) could be obese!


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16 Judges arrested and 1 billion Euros of assets seized

The BBC has reported that 16 Judges have been arrested and buildings, cars and property worth over 1 billion euros seized in a big anti mafia operation centred in Naples. The Judges are alleged to have taken bribes to issue rulings in favour of the Camorra. Buildings, cars and property worth 1 Billion euros were seized around Naples and in Northern Italy.


21-Mar-12 16:45. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (670)

Help needed to restore Churches in Italy

Many small village/hamlet Churches in Italy require funds for repairs or renovations. There are so many churches in Italy that estimating the exact number, especially if we include desecrated churches, is almost impossible. In Rome, for example, in the Mura aureliane perimeter alone, there are 370 churches of historic value. If you know of any village/hamlet Churches in Italy which require financial help for restructuration or conversion of the building for other uses, please share your story with us! We already know for example that in Volpi, Pellegrino Parmense, there is a small Church which requires restoration works. The church is seeking alternative funds because the Vatican won’t pay for the renovations.


12-Mar-12 11:46. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (5)

Lucio Dalla RIP

A piece of Italian music history has passed away. Last week the singer and song writer Lucio Dalla died of a heart attack at the age of 68 while on tour in Switzerland. Fragments of some of his most famous songs from “Caruso”, to “L’ anno che verrà”, are enough to bring back to the memory the music and the words which accompanied at least 3 generations. The singer’s funeral has been held on the day of his birthday, the 4th of March in Bologna, his home town. Tens of thousands of mourners attended the funeral in Bologna, which declared a day of mourning. More than 50,000 people visited Lucio Dalla’s coffin while some of his most famous blues and folk songs were being played in the hall.


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