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10-Oct-12 10:56. By Luigi Sidoli | Comments (0)

24th Annual Pellegrino Dinner Dance 6th October 2012

270 guests attended the 24th Annual Pellegrino Dinner Dance at Bishop Douglass School on Saturday 6th October 2012 dancing to the music of "The Italian Trio" and being entertained by a fantastic display of Irish dancing by Emma Sidoli and the Murphy Diggins Dancers. The beneficiaries of the profits of the evening are St Peter's Italian Church and the ambulance nd blood transfusion service in Pellegrino


05-Oct-12 17:00. By Jo Giacon | Comments (19)

Wedding of Francesca Evans (grand-daughter of Bepi and Marinetta Giacon)

On a sunny 8th of September, a wedding took place at St. Peter’s Italian Church between Francesca Evans and Tom Brooke-Smith. Francesca, the grand-daughter of Bepi and Marinetta Giacon, was joined by family and friends from all over the world including all 18 of her first cousins.


01-Oct-12 15:48. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (0)

Festa del fungo Villa Scalabrini 13th October 2012

The long established “Festa del fungo” by Parmigiani Valtaro will be held for the first time at Villa Scalabrini, in Shenley on the 13th of October. Festa del Fungo, organized by the association “Parmigiani Valtaro”, has been held for over 15 years in different locations. The Associazione Parmigiani Valtaro has been organising many dinner and dances since it's foundation in 1975 including gala dinner & dances at the Hilton Hotel on Park Lane.


24-Sep-12 11:13. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (1)

Cinecitta "la fabricca dei sogni" to become an amusement park

Cinecittà, “la fabricca dei sogni” (The dream factory) is doomed and will be shut down and converted into CinnecitàWorld, an amusement park expected to attract 4 million visitors every year. The workers of the cinema industry have occupied Cinecitta studios to protest against the plan to build a five-star hotel, surrounded by beauty spas, restaurants, and parking lots in the site where most of the world famous Italian films have been produced.


24-Sep-12 11:08. By | Comments (4)

10,000 Fiat employees facing redundancy?

Italy has held its breath waiting for clarity on the future of the Fiat car industry which recent crisis represents a real danger of unemployment for at least 10,000 direct employees. Fiat’s crisis is related to the downward trend of the car market in Italy. In August, registrations of new cars, according to data released by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, fell by 20.23% to 56,447 units as against 70,764 a year ago. In July, the market had a decline of 21.39 per cent. Sales decreased by 20.54% for the Fiat group in August, with 16,689 cars sold against 21,000 in the same month last year.


14-Sep-12 11:52. By Giulia Lombardo and Giovanna Giacon | Comments (54)

Bruna Carnevale

St Peter's Church was packed to full capacity on 6th September 2012 with people paying their respects to Bruna Carnevale who sadly passed away aged 34 after a lengthy battle against her illness.


14-Sep-12 11:42. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (15)

Decreto Balduzzi

New provisions on healthcare have been introduced in Italy through the Balduzzi decree, recently approved by the Council of Ministers. Among the key points of the decree, primary assistance, will be guaranteed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through the associations of general practitioners working together in the some structure. This is going to be possible thanks to the creation of new public polyclinics gathering together different experts and equipped with basic instrumentation in order to guarantee a round the clock service. The new general practitioners’ clinics will gather together different talents, will work in liaison with hospitals and they will make it possible to have some basic exams done at your GP’s instead of going to the hospital.


10-Sep-12 15:33. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (5)

Bradford Italians Betrayed By Rome?

Has Rome abandoned and betrayed Bedford’s Italians? According to the hundreds of Anglo-Italians who were expected to join the protest on Sunday the 9th of September, the closure of the Sportello consolare in Bedford, announced by the end of the month, is an unfair and unreasonable solution (as the main newspapers reported in England and in Italy). The protest on the 9th in Bedford is the latest attempt of the community to prevent the closure of the mini consulate, the “sportello consolare”. Bedford's Italians account for a fifth of the town’s population. The consulate service provided bureaucratic and diplomatic support for decades.


10-Sep-12 15:28. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (1)

"Super pasta" with health benefits?

The university of Adelaide researchers are working with colleagues in Italy to produce a better quality pasta able to add an extra nutritional value to our diet. Super pasta! Here it comes! The super pasta will contain a range of potential health benefits for the consumer, such as reducing the risk of heart disease or colorectal cancer.


17-Jul-12 15:00. By Peter Ciccone | Comments (8)

Villa Scalabrini Scampaganata 2012

Despite rain, flooded fields and the European Football Championship, the 2012 Scampagnata at Villa Scalabrini Shenley was well attended. Thanks to the impressive organisational and improvisational skills of Chairman Marco Fiori and his committee of the Friends of Villa Scalabrini, the 2012 Scampagnata was a great success - both socially and financially. Persistent heavy overnight rain which had flooded large areas of the fields ruled out the usual entrance and parking facilities. Instead, people entered through the main access point to the Villa. The usual car entrance fee was waived and donations were gratefully accepted. Come rain or sun the annual Scampagnata is still the place to be on the last Sunday in June.


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