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05-Nov-13 13:27. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (6)

AS Roma set new Serie A Record

Roma has set the new Italian record in Serie A, after 10 successive victories, no other team in European football has made a better start to the 2013-14 season. Unfortunately Roma’s run towards their 11th successive league victory, the long-held record by Spurs, has come to an end after the draw with Torino. There were already rumours about the capital club reaching the turn of the year without having dropped a single point. But the dream of overtaking the European record held by Tottenham from the 1960/61 is now over. Spurs won their first 11 league matches that season, a record that stands to this day in the top five European leagues.


21-Oct-13 17:37. By Jo Giacon | Comments (3)

Lizzie Giacon runs for Charity - fact!

When she was at school, Lizzie Giacon's P.E. classes consisted of a walk to the shops; her teachers knew they would never get her to run anywhere so some exercise was better than none. It is therefore all the more remarkable that she should decide many decades later to partake in a charity run. No gentle 5k jog, instead a 13.5 mile run with only three months training. In a show of solidarity her son, Marco; her daughters Francesca and Alessandra (also first-timers) and her son-in-law, Tom, also took part. The half marathon took place on a beautiful Sunday morning going past Westminster, along the Embankment to Buckingham Palace, into Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. Along the way there was strong support lead by Lizzie's husband, Richard Evans (Backhill's former sports correspondent)


21-Oct-13 17:23. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (87)

Alitalia on the brink again

Alitalia, the Italian airline, founded 67 years ago, is in danger of bankruptcy once again. The company is losing 700 thousand Euros per day and is in need of an investment of 500 million Euros in order not to fail. The Italian Government rescue plan foresees the intervention of state-owned postal service, “Poste Italiane” with a loan of 75 million Euros. The bailout plan has been criticized by Italian main business associations for lacking a long term strategy, and the hypothesis of a State aid intervention has been opposed by the European commission, because it might not be compatible with the EU law.


15-Oct-13 11:09. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (112)

Lampedusa crisis - Italy calls for EU aid to deal with migrant issues

In the last two decades the island of Lampedusa, a tiny island between Sicily and Tunisia, has become the gateway to Europe for many immigrants every year. Many people die every year while trying to reach the Italian coast. According to the International Organisation for Migration at least 20,000 people have died since 1993 while attempting to reach the shores of Italy.


08-Oct-13 10:19. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (234)

Italy has the largest percentage of elderly in Europe

According to ISTAT In Italy there are 147.2 elderly to every hundred young people. It is called "ageing index", and in Europe, only Germany has an index higher than the Italian one. Liguria region is confirmed as the oldest, while Campania, the youngest. 6% of the Italian population is aged over 80 and more than 20% of Italians are aged over 65.


01-Oct-13 14:13. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (113)

"Welcome Italia" fair Royal Horticultural Halls 18th to 20th October

Welcome Italia”, the biggest fair dedicated to Italian food, tourism and beverage industry will take place from the 18th to 20th October 2013 at the Royal Horticultural Halls, London. The event originates from “La dolce vita” with a completely renovated format, through a rebranding of its contents, and exhibition choices, to create a unique occasion dedicated to promoting the flavour of Italian wine and the delightful food in London.


26-Sep-13 14:17. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (112)

Arturo Licata,111 is the world's oldest man.

The Italian Arturo Licata,111 years old from Enna (Sicily) is the world's oldest man. The previous long living Guinness holder, Salustiano "Shorty" Sanchez, a one-time sugarcane worker born in Spain, has recently died at the age of 112 in New York state. The world’s age record hasn’t been broken yet as the French Jeanne Louise Calment lived for 122 years, and 164 days. While according to the Gerontology Research Group The oldest woman living is the 115 years old Misao Okawa.


26-Sep-13 14:14. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (142)

Alarming suicide rates in Italy

Despite the perfect weather, lovely food and friendly people in the bel paese 4 thousand people every year take their own lives. The majority of the cases are among men of 40 to 45 years old but the phenomenon is increasing also in the 25 to 65 year old working group. Many cases are reported also among adolescents and the elderly. The even sadder news is that, more than a half of these people could have been helped, but as a matter of fact there aren’t enough prevention politics and resources dedicated to the problem.


09-Sep-13 15:06. By Peter Ciccone | Comments (81)

Padre Carmelo recovering from heart attack

Backhill is pleased to report that Padre Carmelo is recovering after his recent heart attack whilst on holiday in Sardegna. Backhill and its' supporters and followers wish Padre Carmelo a speedy recovery


09-Sep-13 14:57. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (132)

Tiramisu recipe to be legally protected

The original recipe of Tiramisù, the world famous dessert that sounds like an invitation “lift me up”, is now going to be protected. After a long battle between the Governors of Veneto and Piedmont over the paternity of the pudding, Luca Zaira, the Governor of the Veneto region, is trying to win a European Union certification for the pudding made with the same exact ingredients used when it was invented in a restaurant in Treviso, near Venice, in 1970.


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