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Italian Fashion coming to the V & A

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London is going to celebrate Italian fashion from the 5th of April to the 27th of July 2014 with the first major exhibition dedicated to Italian glamour and style. The exhibition includes both women’s and menswear to highlight the exceptional quality of techniques, materials and expertise for which Italy has become famous.


24-Feb-14 17:14. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (20)

Lampedusa nominated for Nobel Prize for Peace in 2014

Lampedusa has been officially nominated for the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2014. The Italian magazine the “Espresso” launched a petition to candidate the island immediately after the shipwreck of October the 3rd and collected 55,650 signatures through the internet. The aim is to give recognition to the solidarity shown over the years by the inhabitants of the island, but also to the suffering that the refugees and the survivors have had to face up to, and to the thousands of people who have been drowned: 20 thousand in twenty years, 640 between the 30th of September and October the 11th, 2013, of which at least a hundred were children.


11-Feb-14 14:53. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (30)

Fiat now to be known as FCA

The Historical brand FIAT is now called Fiat Chrysler Automobiles after the merging of Fiat and Chrysler. A new logo, made from the letters FCA and rendered in light blue, has been introduced. It was designed by Robilant Associati, a Milan firm that designs logos and branding systems. The shapes of the logo have symbolic meaning. The geometric configuration of the three letters in the logo is inspired by the essential shapes used in automobile design. The letter F is derived from a square and symbolizes solidity and concreteness; the letter C is derived from a circle and represents wheels and movement, symbolizing harmony and continuity. Energy and a perennial state of evolution is represented by the letter A, derived from a triangle.


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Film Director Carlo Mazzacurati died age 57

The film director Carlo Mazzacurati died in Padua at the age of 57 after fighting a long disease. Mazzacurati received last year the lifetime achievement award at the Torino Film Festival in occasion of the preview of his last work “La sedia della felicità”. In his career Mazzacurati mixed noir, comedy and observations about Italy’s moral decay and social changes. Some of his films won prizes and were screened at prestigious festivals, including Venice, Locarno, and Turin. He became popular at the “Mostra di Venezia” with “Notte Italiana” his first full length film written with Franco Bernini.


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Community raises over £12,000 for cancer research

A pig race night organised by Luigi Carnevale and family and friends in memory of Bruna Abbas to raise money for the battle against cancer raised over £12,000 last Saturday. A note from Luigi follows: Just a quick note to thank all of you who attended Saturday's pig race night. Due to your generous contributions on the night and those of you who donated directly via we managed to raise over £12,300.00 (plus gift aid) for the research into finding a cure for cancer carried out by the Royal Marsden Hospital!! This superseded our expectations and we could not have achieved it without your support - I am sure that the Hospital is truly grateful. Tomorrow would have been Bruna's 36th birthday and although she is not here to celebrate it with us I know that she would have been proud... Thanks again Please pass this message on to anyone that I have not included but kindly contributed. Regards, Luigi Carnevale


29-Jan-14 14:28. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (12)

La Grande Belleza awarded Golden Globe

Paolo Sorrentino's “The Great Beauty” (La Grande Bellezza) has been awarded the Golden Globe for the best foreign film. It’s an important achievement if we consider that the last Italian film to win the recognition was 25 years ago Giuseppe Tornatore’s 1989 film “Cinema Paradiso”. The film is now among the ones nominated for the Oscars and it might now give Italy its first Oscar since Roberto Benigni’s Life Is Beautiful 15 years ago.


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Some Community Events for your diaries

5 dates for the diary - opportunities to meet up with old friends and, at the same time, support the community. Saturday 25th January Charity Race Night at Finchley Catholic School Saturday 1st February Associazione amici di Casanova and Valceno cena e Ballo di Beneficenza at Bishop Douglass School Saturday 15th March Associazione Parmense Gala Dinner


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The World loves Italian food and drink - record levels of exports reported

Italy achieved a worldwide record in the export of local food products. 2013 reached the historical record of all times, with the food export share that touches the record of 33 billion Euros. It was a boom in sales of Italian food all over the world. Wine, cheese and olive oil imposed themselves in many world markets.


08-Jan-14 13:23. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (0)

Red Underwear and New Year's Eve

Both in Italy and the UK new year’s eve is celebrated with a lavish party and fireworks. Italians usually gather together for a big meal where lentils, cooked pork sausages and pig's trotter are served after the midnight as a wish of prosperity and abundance for the new year. It is also traditional to wear red panties. Millions of Euros are spent every year to buy new underwear, especially red, to be worn on the last night of the year, and one billion Euros is spent in lentils, sausages, gammon, turkey and dried fruit.


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The most popular Christmas gifts in Italy

Very popular will be hi-tech gifts. 27% of the Italians, the same as last year, will give a technologic gift to friends and family. 37% of the respondents have chosen as a gift smart phones, while 23% tablets. 6 out of 10 Italians in total will buy a mobile device. However, 17% will buy a laptop and the same percentage a high-definition TV. The e-book is also increasing its popularity raising from 3% last year to 15 %. The same proportion of buyers is going to choose a console. Figures show a great increase compared to 2012. This must be due to the arrival of new models of Sony Play station and Microsoft's Xbox, marketed this Christmas season. 22% of those buying a consol are in the age group of above 64 years, probably grandparents, looking for the hi-tech gift for the grandchildren.


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