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16-May-14 13:51. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (1339)

Shootings at Fiorentina Napoli Cup Final

The recent Italian cup final Napoli – Fiorentina was delayed due to episodes of violence near the “Olympic stadium” in Rome. Rival supporters threw firecrackers and other objects at each other before the game and also pistols were fired. The match was due to kick off at 7pm on Saturday the 4th of May but it was delayed by 45 minutes.


07-May-14 16:50. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (588)

Italian English - a new language?

A few days ago an English friend of mine, who is learning Italian, asked me, “how do you say baby-sitter in Italian?”. I laughed and said, “baby-sitter” rolling my “r” and emphasizing the double “t”. There are so many English words that now are part of everyday Italian, that my friend and I usually play this game: if he uses an English word while speaking in Italian, I correct his pronunciation to make it sound more Italian, explaining to him that if he goes to Italy he can use some English words, but he must pronounce them with the right Italian accent, in order to be understood.


23-Apr-14 13:19. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (601)

Violent anti austerity demonstrations in Rome

On the 13th of April a demonstration against Renzi’s austerity policies was organized in Rome 15,000 people protested against the high housing costs and alarming unemployment rate. The demonstration started peacefully but then broke out into violence causing an afternoon of guerrilla in the capital. After throwing objects, bottles and firecrackers at police armoured vehicles, demonstrators were contrasted by the police.


08-Apr-14 18:15. By Salvatore Mancuso and Daniela Malpeli | Comments (692)

£25,000 raised at Associazione Parmense Gala Dinner

On Saturday the 15th of March 2014 the Associazione Parmense celebrated their second Bi-Annual Gala Dinner and Dance at London Lancaster Hotel, Lancaster Terrace London W2 2TY.During the event a cheque of £25,000 was presented to Padre Carmelo di Giovanni.


08-Apr-14 18:09. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (864)

Sardinia to become Swiss?

After Venice manifested the desire to break away from Rome with an unofficial referendum, a movement in Sardinia expresses the wish that the island could belong to Switzerland. So they proposed an online petition for the island to be sold to Switzerland. As a matter of fact in Italy it has become more difficult to tell what is a joke, and what is serious, as much of the news coming from the “Bel paese” must sound like a joke to the rest of the planet, but it is not!


03-Apr-14 11:10. By editor | Comments (2189)

Prime Minister Renzi in London

A mayor becoming prime minister - wouldn't happen here quipped Boris Johnson as he welcomed Prime Minister Renzi to London. The beautiful setting of Lancaster House hosted the celebration of 150 years since the famous visit to London by Giuseppe Garibaldi.


03-Apr-14 10:36. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (1635)

Trullis under threat from proposed new motorway?

A war broke out in Cisternino, Puglia, val Itria after the socialist mayor Donato Baccaro re-launched the project for building a motorway to connect Cisternino and Ostuni. The “strada dei colli” would mean 20 km of concrete through the Murge woods where the famous Trulli are . The city council tried to build the highway in 2009 with 4 billion of European funds. A local owner and the WWF filed an appeal. The regional administrative court and the Council of State upheld the appeal. Now the city council has re-launched the project flanked by the construction company Technital.


20-Mar-14 15:52. By Editor | Comments (619)

Repubblica Veneta?

Voting has begun on a referendum on whether Venice and its surrounding region should try to revert to being a sovereign republic.


20-Mar-14 15:50. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (858)

Every 2 minutes in Italy a house is robbed!

Every two minutes in Italy a house is robbed. In 2012, 280 thousand house robberies were reported. An increase of 114 percent compared to 2004 and of 40 percent compared to 2010. This alarming data was collected by “Centro study trans crime” of Milan “Cattolica” university and Trento University. The main targets of the burglars are undefended country villages miles away from the police stations.


20-Mar-14 15:48. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (26)

The David of Michalengelo illegally used

The David of Michelangelo, the Italian masterpiece of the Renaissance, has been illegally used to advertise a rifle. The image of David holding a AR-50A1 rifle disturbed the already restless dreams of Italians as the image was on many of the main Italian newspapers.


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