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09-Oct-14 15:50. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (81)

Fake Brunello di Montalcino discovered

Imagine you came back home from work, you’ve been looking forward to sip a glass of Brunello di Montalcino all day. You pour it into a glass and… it doesn’t taste as good as it should! It would be terrible wouldn’t it? Luckily it won’t happen for real as the Italian finance police confiscated the equivalent of more than 220,000 bottles of fake Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino, before it was bottled for ageing and put on the market.


19-Sep-14 15:53. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (16)

Facebook campaign to try to recall Padre Carmelo to St Peter's

After the announcement a few days ago that Padre Carmelo Di Giovanni will be transferred to Rome on Friday 19th September 2014, Giuseppe di Tano, tenor in the choir of St Peter’s church, and active member of the Italian community, is collecting signatures to have Padre Carmelo’s transfer revoked. 340 signatures have already been collected and a Facebook campaign has been organised to collect signatures in the hope that Padre Carmelo will return to London.


19-Sep-14 15:48. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (3)

Padre Carmelo transferred to Rome

After 43 years as priest of St. Peter’s Church Padre Carmelo Di Giovanni has been transferred to Rome. The news was given a few days ago by Carmelo himself at the 11am mass. Since then many people came to say goodbye to Padre Carmelo even from far outside London. The London Italian community is bewildered and has shown deep affection and solidarity to Padre Carmelo, the parish of an “explosive church”, full of activities and always open to everyone. Gradually Padre Carmelo became a reference point for the Italian community and even nowadays Padre Carmelo has been always ready to help the new wave of Italian immigration, the so called “cervelli in fuga”, young professionals coming to London to find a better job.


19-Sep-14 15:47. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (56)

17 year old Davide Bifolco shot dead by a Carabiniere - violent demonstrations follow

A few days ago, 17-year-old Davide Bifolco was shot dead by a Carabiniere in Naples. The boy was on a scooter with two other people and didn’t stop at the police block, so the carabinieri went after them. The Carabinieri have declared they were there to arrest a fugitive. One of the other boys on the scooter said they didn’t stop because the scooter wasn’t insured. The Traioano neighbourhood, the area in Naples were the tragic event took place, reacted with a violent demonstration, setting fire to police cars. As “Repubblica” reported, “The state doesn’t protect us but kills us. Let’s defend ourselves!” was written on a banner.


01-Aug-14 13:58. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (5)

Cost of living rises in Italy but bills remain amongst the lowest in Europe

According to a study by “Cgia” the expenditure for bills in Italy has undergone a crazy increase. Over the past 10 years, rates of key public services have registered a record increase. Water, for example, increased by 85.2%. Waste rose by 81.8%. The motorway toll costs were up by 50.1%. In the case of urban transport, the trend was similar: 49.6%. The complaint comes from the Cgia, the association of craftsmen in Mestre. Among the ten items considered in this analysis, only the phone services have undergone a decrease in prices: -15.9%. However, during the period considered, inflation increased by 23.1%. In spite of the liberalization that took place in recent decades, which have affected most of these areas, the results obtained were not very satisfactory. Broadly speaking Italians were asked to pay more, but the quality of services didn’t undergo major improvements. However, despite the strong increases the bill rates remain the lowest in Europe.


01-Aug-14 13:55. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (129)

180 Italian City Councils on the brink of failure

180 Italian city councils are on the brink of failure. Budget difficulties are wide spread not only in areas where criminal organizations operate, such as Casal Di Principe, but also in towns such as Alessandria which now protests against the unequal granting of benefits to large debtors such as Rome or Naples


10-Jul-14 16:48. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (182)

Vintage car tax "dodge" in Italy?

A very old car in Italy can be a good bargain. Cars older than 20 years can, with a little trick, circulate tax free. The TV program “Report” threw light on another “furbata” Italian style. First of all in Italy vintage cars (auto d’epoca) and historical cars (auto storiche) are not at all the same thing. Vintage cars are disbarred by PRA (pubblico registro automobilistico) and can circulate only for rallies. Historical cars must be registered and can always circulate. But what is the difference between a historical car and just an old one?


20-Jun-14 12:39. By Giulia Lombardo | Comments (299)

Sicilian singing Nun wins The Voice (Italian version)

Papa Francesco said to nuns and priests “get out on the streets”. Suor Cristina (Cristina Scuccia), a 25 years old nun from Sicily hailed the exhortation participating and winning the Italian version of the Voice.


02-Jun-14 13:38. By Peter Ciccone | Comments (55)

Tardelli, Locatelli and Carluccio at OGI 2014

The 2014 games were once again a great success despite being dogged by dreary wet weather. The event, as usual, demonstrated the great benefits of an inclusive community displaying camaraderie, spirit and friendly, but fierce, competiveness. Perhaps the icing on the cake was the closing ceremony with presentation of gold, silver and bronze medals by Italian football legend Marco Tardelli, celebrity chefs Antonio Carluccio and Giorgio Locatelli and Consul General Massimiliano Mazzanti.


02-Jun-14 13:31. By editor | Comments (14)

Unsung pillars of our community recognised by Garibaldi Awards

Mazzini Garibaldi Club is 150 Years Old! To mark the 150th anniversary of the club a special celebration lunch was held at Highgate Golf Club on Sunday 25th May. The lunch, attended by a full capacity of 150 members and guests was prepared by Giorgio Locatelli and his team. The presentation of The Garibaldi Awards by Chairman of The Mazzini Garibaldi Club, Domenic Pini, followed the superb lunch. The Garibaldi Awards As part of the organisation for the 150th anniversary celebrations of the visit of Giuseppe Garibaldi to London in 1864, it was decided by the organising committee under the auspices of the Italian Embassy to create an award to mark the event. This idea was the initiative of Sir Tony Baldry MP, Chairman of the British Italian Parliamentary Committee. The Garibaldi Award would be conferred on individuals who have not received previous recognition and have made a substantial contribution to British-Italian relations. The panel had a very difficult task to select candidates but the following successful candidates were chosen:


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