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Italian Men should prefer Eastern European Women TV Uproar

Do Italian men prefer Eastern European women? According to a TV programme, broadcast by RAI/Uno (the Italian state owned television), Italian men should date Eastern European women for at least 6 good reasons. The graphic, “The threat comes from East”, introduced the show questioning whether Eastern European women were the ideal wives because they submit to men. The programme was immediately taken off the air after harsh protests on social media.

The programme suggested that Eastern European women were better than Italian women because, among other reasons, they are "always sexy" and "are perfect housewives".

The controversial programme was the afternoon show "Let's talk about it on Saturday", in Italian "Parliamone Sabato", hosted by Paola Perego. A group of celebrities discussed reasons why Italian men preferred dating Eastern European women.

Among the reasons listed to choose an Eastern European girlfriend there were:

1. Most of them are mums, but after giving birth they regain their figure

2. They are always sexy. No tracksuits or pyjamas

3. They forgive cheating

4. They are willing to let their man rule

5. They are perfect housewives. They learn all household chores at a young age

6. They don't whine or get clingy, and they never hold a grudge."

The graphic, “listed reasons to choose a girlfriend from Eastern Europe” made headlines in the newspapers “La Stampa” and “Repubblica”.

A twitter user commented, "You get distracted a second and you find yourself in 1950," and many other social media users expressed their anger for the outrageous show asking for the presenter to be suspended. The presenter, Paola Perego declared that she couldn’t be the only one to take the blame for the programme which had been approved before going on air.

The Italian President of the Chamber of Deputies, Laura Boldrini, described the program as "unacceptable" and "offensive". Rai Uno apologised for the transmission.

Rai 1 Director Andrea Fabiano and the broadcaster's president, Monica Maggioni apologised and an investigation was launched to discover how this racist and sexist programme could have been broadcast.

Some social media users asked for the name of the authors to be made public so that responsibilities could be addressed.

Giulia Lombardo

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