GIOVENTU » Italian Embassy helps young Italian immigrants in England

Italian Embassy helps young Italian immigrants in England

The Italian Embassy in the UK opened the “Sportello primo approdo” to help Italian Immigrants to deal with the difficulties of relocating in the UK.

The project foresees a series of seminars starting from January 8th to help Italian newcomers in the UK to overcome the difficulties of living in London, Birmingham, Manchester and other cities.

“Primo approdo” will help in every aspect of life in another country, from how to avoid scams when looking for work and lodgings, and how to face up to bureaucracy. It will also give tips on how to best use the health and welfare system, and in general on how to extricate yourself in this new reality. 

There are officially 220 thousand registered members of AIRE (the register of Italians living abroad) in the UK, 85 thousand of which in London. Not all immigrants register with AIRE so the estimates are over half a million all over the country and 250 thousand in the capital.

More and more immigrants are now rushing to join the AIRE because of new taxes on the house in Italy. This phenomenon has contributed to an increase in enrolment during the last months. 

The project “Primo approdo” was dedicated to Joele Leotta, the young Italian who was killed in Kent on October the 20th. It includes two meetings per month, completely free, on legal, tax, medical and academic issues.

The project is directed to young people looking for a job as 60% of new immigrants are less than 35 years old. Although a good 25% are aged between 35 and 44 years. Not everyone can be classified as “brain drain” as there are many Italians who do humbler jobs such as waiters in restaurants. But there are also many computer experts, scientists, engineers, doctors, and so on. Then there are also those who come for an English course and they stay a few months or those who, after a few years go back to Italy.

The seminars will not provide language courses and will not find jobs but one thing leads to another and contacts are always useful to have. In order to give young people many good examples  “Italy Made Me” , a series of meetings on the Italian excellence abroad will be launched in 2014 to help immigrants to maintain contacts with their country.

“Primo approdo” is the first project of its kind organized by the Italian embassy abroad. In order to participate you must sign up through a link available on the websites of Italian diplomacy in the United Kingdom. The participants will be admitted on a first-served basis, up to a maximum of fifty people per class. For information, 

Giulia Lombardo

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